Hiking: Why we do it

Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven!

Hey, ya’ll! I just wanted to tell ya’ll about a hobby that I enjoy doing that will also help me with my health and weight loss goal. You may want to try it, it has multiple benefits.

I enjoy hiking. Now, many people believe hiking is strictly climbing over treacherous land, exerting yourself until you are completely out of breath. And that is a part of hiking. But it’s not all of it. Hiking is actually defined as going for long walks, especially in the country or woods. Despite living in Arlington, TX, right in the middle of the Metroplex (DFW), there is actually really good trail systems with plenty of woods and rural land.

Now, I haven’t done much of it and a considerable bit of what I have done is with clients of mine that happen to live in an apartment complex connected to one of the parks here in Arlington; River Legacy Park with the River Legacy Trail. It is fun to hike with canine companions and it does push me as they walk faster than I might normally. Four paws to my two, after all. (Though many people I spend time with will tell you I walk faster than most humans in the first place) But I intend to explore the other parks here where I live and do more hiking as I travel more.

Why do I hike? Especially since other hobbies I have do not lend themselves to being outside. That’s because the hobbies I’ve talked about are my indoor hobbies. But I really enjoy being outside in the fresh air. The fresh air refreshes my lungs, removes the recycled air I breathe normally. The exercise also builds strength in my legs, endurance in my body overall, and appreciation for Mother Nature. After all, you never know what you can find when you simply stop and smell the roses as they say.

I’ve found a possum wandering within the trees in the River Legacy Park.

Lizard on a Tree
Can you see it? 


I also found this little lizard on the tree, simply by pausing for a moment while on the trail. Granted, the reason I was this close to a tree was due to one of the dogs I was walking deciding to pee on said tree. I happened to look at the tree and there he was.

There is also a part down in the park that makes me curious as it’s always standing in water. It doesn’t look like a pond, but more like a swamp. I’ll have to take a picture of that for ya’ll.

I do have other pictures, though.

A sky you can see when outside
An example of the sky that you can see when outside.
Owl in park Post
An animal you can find in the River Legacy Park
West Trinity West Fork River
The West Trinity West Fork River; hence the River Legacy Park’s name.
It has a really cool bridge that connects the trail to the park that it continues through and on the other side of
A part of the river where you c an really see the effects of erosion
Arlington's History
It has a Historic Monument that had been moved from a couple of miles away to preserve Arlington’s History.
Immersed Trees
Immersed Trees
Slightly Different View
A slightly different sunny view

These aren’t the trees I was talking about earlier. This was actually shortly after a series of showers and storms we had here. This particular part of hte trail flooded off the trail.

I’ll post more about other hikes I take, with pictures included of course. I’ll also tell ya’ll about other hobbies that ya’ll may also enjoy. Hobbies are a large part of living life to the fullest. If you do nothing but work, sleep and eat, then you’re really just existing. And why punish yourself by doing that?

Though I’ll be honest, I do struggle with that myself. It’s a result of having a overly scheduled child/teen hood. I enjoyed the structure when I was younger and it’s done well for me as an adult, having that kind of childhood. But as everything does, there’s often a downside. I often feel that if I’m not productive in a way others would consider being productive, then I’m wasting time. I’m still working on being better about taking time for me and ya’ll can go on the journey with me. I’m sure I’m not alone and neither are you. Please, feel free to comment below. I promise I will respond.

Til’ next time!








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