Christmas Couple Continued

Hey ya’ll, Welcome back to PEP! Today we’ll continue the Christmas Couple tale that we started on Monday.

Sheila looked down at her counter, the white envelope conspicuous against the wooden grain. She’d spent the last two weeks doing research on Laura Jaspers and Steven Mansell. This envelope contained the latest results. She’d discovered in public records that a Mason Jaspers had owned her home until 25 years before she bought it, two owners before her. Steven Mansell still owned the property by the Blackwell Lake but she couldn’t find anything in the records of a marriage. She hoped that he and Laura had married but couldn’t find any signs of what had happened to Laura Jaspers. She’d written the town hall, hoping they may have answers. But now that the envelope is here, she was afraid her adventure might be near over. She enjoyed her home but it did get a little lonely sometimes. She didn’t have a choice in her hermitude but it didn’t mean it didn’t hurt sometimes.

But she wanted an answer to this. She cracked the envelope open and found a letter from town hall. She frowned, this showed that while Steven Mansell had never married, Laura Jaspers was widowed with two children. She wondered if Laura Jaspers, now Laura Hawkins, had married someone her father chose since she never received Steven’s card. But that made her wonder if Steven had never followed up on his Christmas card. That certainly wasn’t a very steadfast suitor.

She decided the best way to find out would be to write to Steven Mansell.

A week later:

She had a letter back from Steven Mansell. He’d, naturally, expressed his confusion letter but had answered her question. He’d approached Laura after the new year when he’d never had an answer to his question only to find her engaged to Geoffrey Hawkins, a suitor chosen by her father. He wished he’d done differently, looking back but at that time, it was not proper to interrupt family matters.

Since she knew Laura was widowed, she decided to step in, wanting to give them both a happy ending. She did hope she wasn’t messing things up but they were both single and it would on them to take the next step. She forwarded Steven’s card with a note as to what she had discovered.

A month later:

The doorbell rang, confusing Sheila as she wasn’t expecting company. In fact, no one ever visited, it was only ever her and Muffin, her Labrador.

She peered out the peephole, finding an older couple on her doorstep.

She opened the door, “Yes?”

“Sheila Winner?”

“That’s me. Can I help you?”

“Actually, we want to thank you. I’m Steven Mansell,” the older lady piped up, “and I’m Laura Hawkins, formerly known as Laura Jaspers.”

“Thanks to you, we’ve reconciled and are hoping for another several happy years together.”

Sheila smiled, “I’m glad to hear that.”

She wondered if she should perhaps offer some tea or something but she was out of habit with guests.

“We won’t stay long. We just thought if you perhaps weren’t busy, perhaps our grandson could take you to dinner.”

Sheila was surprised, “Oh, uh, I suppose.”

Laura spoke, “You’re not taken, are you? I wouldn’t be surprised, a pretty woman like you.”

Sheila blinked, she hadn’t been complimented in years.

“No, I’m not taken. But I haven’t been on a date in a long while.”

She wasn’t about to admit it’d been since her imposed hermitage.

But she agreed to the date and their grandson, though she knew from the records and their history that it was truly her grandson, would pick her up that following Friday.

‘When that 50 year old Christmas card finally arrived at its destination, I never realized my journey to reunite the parted lovers would land me with a potential partner of my own.’

What comes next? Why do ya’ll think Sheila lives on her own with no one but her Labrador, Muffin? Comment down below if you have any ideas.

Til next week, ya’ll!

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