Merry Christmas!!

Hey ya’ll, Welcome back to PEP!

Merry Christmas!!



Now I know its early as it’s only Christmas Eve but in actuality, I’m writing this two days before Christmas, so that’s even earlier. But I wanted to make sure I got this out to ya’ll and not only am I going to be busy tomorrow but especially Christmas. As much as I love talking to ya’ll, Christmas is very much a family holiday, whatever ya’ll may consider family. Whether it’s blood, adopted or pseudo adopted, as long as the love is in your heart, they’re your family, no matter what anyone says. Now that that’s said, I’ll step off my soapbox and we’ll get on with today’s writing after a few quick pics of a couple of my Christmas decorations.


I do love my miniatures; I always have a village and a Nativity scene every year.

Now on with the writing!

Sheila walked down to the mailbox out of boredom more than anything. She wasn’t expecting even junk mail. Mail never came all the way out here to the lake unless you actually had friends and family that cared. Not even proprietors cared about the potential business.

But as she opened the mailbox, she was surprised to find an envelope. She pulled it out, the paper crinkling from age.

“Laura Jaspers? Who is that?”

She checked the address and it was her address but she didn’t know who Laura Jaspers was and this paper was clearly very old. She decided to just toss the letter without opening it as it was none of her business.

But as she carried it back to her small home by the lake, the envelope crackled open. She peered at it, to see that it was a Christmas card. She frowned, even if this letter was to the correct person, Christmas was still 6 weeks away. She turned the envelope over, peering at the date on the stamp.

Her jaw dropped, this letter was dated as having been mailed nearly 50 years ago. She’d heard of mail delay but never anything this severe.

She tried to stifle it but her curiosity got the better of her by the time she got home. She pulled the card out of hte envelope, figuring that it wasn’t as if this Laura would be expecting this card now anyway. Not if it was really 50 years old.

It was a nice card, angels on the front, with the words Seasons Greeting in silver script. She pried it open, the old paper protesting the movement.

“My dearest Laura,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written but I promise I have a good reason. I have been working very hard this year to move my business along so that your father may finally approve of our marriage. I understand his reasoning, he wants to insure his daughter is taken care of and I wish for you to have a loving marriage. As of the time you receive this card, I have bought a nice homestead on the lake two towns away, Lake Blackwell. IT may not be large but it will be more than enough for us to start a family and have a happy marriage. IF you accept, please write back. I look forward to hearing from you, my dearest.

Your suitor, Steven Mansell.”

Sheila stared down at the card, wondering if Steven and Laura had ever gotten together. She chewed her bottom lip in thought, Laura had clearly never received this card. Did Steven take it as rejection or did he reach out again? She hoped they came together in the end considering the work he’d clearly put into it. She set the card aside, unable to bring herself to toss it just yet though she didn’t know what she’d do about it.

©Paula Crofoot

What will Sheila do about it? Will she reach out or will she leave it where it lies?

To Be continued!


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