Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! It’s August here in Texas but it feels more like September with all of the rain. Not that I’m complaining. Unless I’m at the beach or a pool, I prefer the rain. Winter is my preferred season. I enjoy this kind of weather but I know there are people that this weather depresses. Talk to friends, family, find something that cheers you up. If you’re still struggling, feel more than free to comment below, I’m always willing to listen.

You'll be okay

This week’s question: Do you keep a diary or journal?
My answer: Yes and no. I have a journal that I write in. I try to write in it at least once a week but I don’t always manage it. I used to try to write in it every day, then every other day. But I couldn’t make it a habit so now I aim for once a week.
What’s your answer?

This week’s writing:
At a very young age, Violence and verbal abuse became a part of her life. First it was her father, yelling and screaming at her for even breathing wrong before she could even walked. At first, her mother was a silent ally. But eventually she snapped and took out her stress and pain from her husband on her daughter, physically punishing her for many of the same backless reasons her husband did. Being so young, it imprinted on her as a normal way of life. As such, she chose friends, if you could call them that, that treated her like trash, when they cared about her at all. When she eventually had a boyfriend, he treated her just like her father, screaming abuse at her, and like her mother, slapping her around. She didn’t think anything of it, truly, believing that she deserved to be treated like that.
The E.M.T sighed as he finished the letter the young woman had left behind. He glanced up at the rope she’d used to hang herself. He always hated being called for suicides but in this particular case, he understood. Didn’t mean he liked it but he understood the hopelessness of no other exit. Information for suicide helplines, abuse escapes needed to be spread more, even, no especially in the high schools and colleges.© Paula Crofoot

Writing Prompt: I don’t believe in anything anymore.

My Book of the Week: This week Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues by Blaize Clement. It’s the third in her pet-sitter mystery/Dixie Hemingway Mystery series. They’re well-written, believable and fairly light-hearted for mysteries. I also enjoy them as I relate to them being in the same business after all. Though I care for more than just dogs and cats.

Monday Motivation: With Self-Discipline, most anything is possible.

Music I’m listening to as I’m posting this: Ready to Run: One Direction-Four.

Suicide prevention
If you’re the suicidal or one who sees someone who is

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