That’s One Feast Down; Who’s Next?

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! I can’t believe it’s already August. It feels like it should just be June. It’s amazing how quick a year can go. January, February, feels like you have forever in the year, it’s just started. March, April, you can feel like the year is dragging. But blink and the year is half gone and it’s August.

This week’s question: What cuts should cash-strapped schools make?
My answer: only the unnecessary, such as assistants for teachers that don’t need one, a cafeteria monitor if the teachers of the grade that is having lunch can monitor instead, even if it needs to be on a shuffling schedule. I would not cut art, music or p.e. classes that are usually the first to go. They’re just as necessary as math, science, language arts. If there is more than one of something, whether it’s a class, room, or item, that one would do, cut/sell the second+.
What’s your answer?

This week’s baking and cooking: I didn’t get to the candy I wanted to try as I had several other projects I was working on. But I did make my Dog biscuits and they were a hit. They’ll be for sale shortly as Paula’s Pup Biscuits.

Paula's Pup Biscuits

This week’s writing:
The pre-hike tour ended with everyone gathered in what appeared to be a large ballroom. The leader of the tour walked up on a podium that had clearly been hastily put together. Many wondered just how well this tour had been planned and what would be coming next if they couldn’t even prepare for her speech. A few that were close enough could see that there was a red switch next to her shabby podium. It gleamed in contrast.
She only had one last thing to say for their guests.
“I would like to apologize to everyone for what is about to happen,” she said, then flipped the switch.
At first, nothing seemed to happen other than she and the other workers rushing out of the room and the doors closing.
They didn’t notice one of the tourists slipping out with them, having a bad feeling about what was to happen.
Then the floor crackled and popped and the screams began.
The one survivor watched through a crack in the door as some of the tourists started tearing at their skin, screaming about something eating through their body, about it burning, to the point of spilling blood on the still crackling floor before they fell. Others started hallucinating, leaping on others that were hallucinating and others that were tearing into their own bodies, beginning to rip them apart. Others still just froze as the floor burned their neurons and flayed their skin as they fell.
The lone survivor heard footsteps and hurried into a shadowed alcove, not daring to be caught by whoever it was coming. How could a simple hiking tour of a new national park have turned into this?!
One of the men walking by asked the other, as they passed her alcove, “What do we do with the bodies again?”
“We toss them out to feed the creatures in the park.”
“Why’d we have to kill them again?”
“The creatures don’t like raw meat but simply cooking humans in the kitchen runs too much risk of someone seeing the smoke or smelling the air around the park and turning the entire operation in. Not to mention if one should escape… So she came up with this instead.”
“Oh. How’d the people get picked?”
“This tour was mostly made up of people who’d pissed her or other employees off. There were a few that hadn’t, to prevent any connections to the missing people to be made. After this though, it’ll just be random people. The world’s over-populated anyway.”
The two men continued by her alcove where she crouched against the wall, eyes wide, hands trembling over her mouth.
© Paula Crofoot

Floor Crackling

Writing Prompt: Outside one window of the car is corn. On the other are apple trees. You do not know for how long you have been driving. When you look in the rear view mirror, there is only dead grass. You are too afraid to pull over.

This is the first Monday post of August so here’s the Monthly Chain:
“Everything you need is already within you.”
He glared at her before sneering, “What is this, a Disney movie with a happy ever after ending? Time to wake up, darling.”
She glanced around the basement they were locked in, “No, this isn’t a happy ever after Disney movie but I don’t intend to die down here. So either dig deep and find the strength or smarts to get us out of here or I’ll kill you first.”
He glanced at her surprised, not having expected that as a response. He looked over the basement they were locked in once more.
“Where exactly am I supposed to find our escape? I’ve been looking since I woke up haven’t seen nothing.”
She sighed exasperatedly, clearly it would be up to her to get them out of here. But if a sacrifice was necessary, she knew who it would be.
What happens next? Do they make it out? Or does only she make it out after sacrificing him for his uselessness?

My Book of the Week: And Only To Deceive by Tasha Alexander. It’s the first in the Lady Emily series. I’ve just started but it reads easily and is fascinating. It’s a historical fiction, set in the 1880s. It’s been interesting to see the way things were back in those times, currently in England.

Monday Motivation: If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.

Music I’m listening to as I’m posting this: Anywhere: Evanescence-Origin

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