Who’s Drawing Blood Now?

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! It is certainly the dog days of summer here in Texas. It’s reached a constant stream of 100 degree days and doesn’t look to be getting cooler. We had to have our air conditioner fixed last week, the fan motor had burn out on it. Fortunately it didn’t take long but we still reached 85 in the house before it was fixed and it got cooler. For the moment, my baking has taken a break except for any no-bake recipes but I’m so busy with my pet business- no complaints- that it will be some time before I can truly focus on it again. But it’ll be some time before I can do what it is I want to do with my baking as it is. So I’ll take some time expanding.

This week’s question: What’s your comfort food?
My answer: I would have to say any flavor of ice cream or tator tots. Any time I eat either of those helps makes me happy again. Particularly Sonic tator tots or ice cream with candy or cake inside, such as moose tracks or birthday cake ice cream.
What’s your answer?

This week’s writing:
Alice walked up to the gathering outside the Country Hall, head tilted curiously.
She lightly grasped the arm of one of the women in the back, “What’s going on.”
Instead of verbally answering, she stepped aside, allowing Alice to see for herself.
She barely held in her gasp of shock. It was another corpse. This makes the fifth. But there was something strange about this one. She couldn’t see from this distance what it was but she saw her brother closer.
She pushed her way through to Edward’s side.
“What is it, Edward? Everyone seems so concerned. It’s just another body, isn’t it?”
He drew her aside, shaking his head gently.
“There’s a symbol carved into the corpse’s chest.”
“Like our custom with our deceased?”
“It isn’t one of ours.”
She drew her hand back to her chest, “Not one of ours?”
He pointed, now that they had a clearer view, “take a closer look”.
He had reason for her looking closer. He had hopes she might recognize the symbol.
Her eyes widened as she did indeed recognize the symbol on the corpse’s chest, though she didn’t recognize the man.
© Paula Crofoot

Writing Prompt: She smiles like an Angel but she lives through Hell.

My Book of the Week: Lost Boy: the true story of Captain Hook by Christina Henry. It’s actually quite fascinating. I knew there were may points of view on the myth of Peter Pan but had never thought about the point of view from Captain Hook. This book has opened a new point of view of the myth and is fairly interesting. I haven’t finished it yet but highly recommend it.

Monday Motivation: We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Music I’m listening to as I’m posting this: Riverdance: Countdown Orchestra And Singers- Celtic Favorites Collectors Edition

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