Happy 4th of July!! Happy Independence Day, America!

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! I can’t believe it’s already July! Not only that, but come July 17th, it will be a year of Paula’s Eclectic Paradise! I have a couple of things planned but I’m still working out some details so I’ll tell ya’ll more as we grow closer. I’m not only sitting for quite a bit this month but I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for July, continuing April’s novel as I didn’t get as far as I’d wanted. So I already foresee a busy July for me which in no way am I complaining.

Now, I have to mention, being American, Happy Fourth of July!!

July 4th

This week’s question: How should you handle the end of a friendship?
My answer: This is a tricky question. It evolves into a few sub questions. Number one is, of course, why the friendship end? Was there a fight or did you two just grow apart. If the answer is number one, then another sub question is: is it a good thing the friendship ended, was it toxic in itself filled with nothing but negativity and fights? Or was it simply a bad fight that got away from the two of you. If it’s the first one, let it go, you’ll likely both be better off for it. If it’s the first, give you both some time to cool off then work on making it up. If the answer to the first sub question was that you two just grew apart, then ask yourself if you truly want to be friends with them again or if you’re just nostalgic for the old friendship. If the answer is number one, then reach out again and see if you can’t establish new common interests if the old ones are no longer enough. If the answer is the second one, then perhaps you should let it go on the good note that it’s currently ended on rather than destroying good memories by trying to recreate them. I’ve have my share of all of the above as well as witnessed them quite a few times.
What’s your answer?

This week’s writing:
‘Now it’s back to the way we started. Strangers. To think we were once brothers by all but blood and now we don’t even acknowledge each other on campus. Sometimes, I really wish things didn’t have to change as we grew older. Honestly, I don’t even understand why we suddenly stopped being friends. Well, it really wasn’t sudden. He grew more involved in the baseball team while I still sucked at sports and was more interested in books and art. I began experimenting with more mediums, including spray-painting while he grew more interested in bettering his hit speed and attracting the eyes of the cheerleaders. Eventually, the gap grew so large that we stopped even trying to eat lunch together as we’d promised when we were 12 that we would always do together, no matter what. I guess I might be alright with us having grown apart as we grew older, except as he’s made more friends, I haven’t. Instead, my bullies have grown in numbers instead.’
Adam shook his head, there was no point in getting sucked into old memories or wishes when he needed to focus on avoiding the baseball captain and his lackeys, thankfully not counting his old best friend, Nate.
© Paula Crofoot

Writing Prompt: “I love it when someone insults me. That means that I don’t have to be nice anymore.”

This is the first Monday post of July so here’s the Monthly Chain:
“You have to go, you have to run away!”
“Run from who?”
“from me.”
“That’s stupid!”
Her breath caught in her throat as he snarled in her face, shoving her against the wall before he stumbled back.
He groaned, clutching his forehead, “I said run! NOW!”
She didn’t dare argue any longer.
What happens next? What is he morphing into that poses such a danger to his friend? Are they friends or is she just in the wrong place at the wrong time with someone she considered a nerd. Does he catch her or does she manage to escape?
If ya’ll don’t want to continue but would like me to, let me know below in the comments.

My Book of the Week: Happy Ever After: the fourth in the bridal quartet by Nora Roberts. I’m actually happier with this series than I thought I would be, I’ve really enjoyed them. I wasn’t sure about them as romance is not my go to genre. However, they’ve actually been inspirational. In fact, a new character is knocking at the door of my muse, wanting to tell his story. I’m not entirely sure what his story is just yet but I know who he is as a character already. I’m going to work on plotting it around the other novels, for both July and others I still need to finish and have it ready for November. Normally I don’t work on more than one novel at once but these four won’t leave me alone and they’re working well enough so far.

Monday Motivation: Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Music I’m listening to as I’m posting this: Starts with Goodbye: Carrie Underwood-Some Hearts

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