Change the Battle methods, Win the War!

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! I’ve decided that June’s Friday posts will be opinion posts. These will be about my opinion on randomly chosen subjects. You do not have to agree with my opinion, you can even express so down in the comments. However, there will be no trolling, no cussing anyone out, and no bullying.
This first one was sparked by when I was summoned for Jury Duty last week. I wasn’t picked so while I won’t give specific details, I will say what it was about. It was on a drug charge. Someone made a comment that got me thinking. They said the war on drugs was lost.
The war on drugs is not lost. Not yet. We’ve lost many battles. We are losing the war and will continue to lose if we don’t change battle methods. Education, medicine, laws, law-enforcement are where we’ve errored. If we could change where we’ve gone wrong, things could be better.
Education: adults and children need to better educated on not only the true effects of drugs but on the consequences of if you’re busted with drugs. Not only busted with drugs but also if you possess drugs with intent of sell them to others. I realize that young children don’t need to know the full effect of drugs so the D.A.R.E program is enough for them. AT least, that’s what I was raised on, I don’t have children and its’ been many years since I’ve been out of elementary school. But that’s my point. After elementary school, there’s some assemblies on drugs but over all, educating adolescents on drugs is done. If there were videos of addicts, addicts that cleaned up their acts, jailed addicts at various points in their lives to show the effects drugs have on your life over time, less kids would find them interesting in the first place. Once you’ve turned 13, you’re old enough to get the full view of what happens on drugs, including the more graphic details.

Effects of Drugs

If they realized just how much control over their own body and mind they lose, they wouldn’t be so enthused, not to mention the physical toll it takes. As an adult, you certainly should be better-educated on the effects, especially if you’re a parent.
Medicine: This is a field that’s still in development and will likely always be. But if medicines could be created to take the place of opiates, stimulants, inhalants and depressants that had the same effects on those that truly need them without the addiction, that would cut the drug community in half. Pain-killers, depressants and the like could be removed from society, eradicating their addictive, life destroying effects.
Laws: This is something that could definitely be changed. Half of the desire for drugs, despite the negative side effects, is because it’s illegal. Some people get high just from doing something that’s clearly inappropriate and getting away with it. They enjoy the adrenaline rush. Now, there are certainly many drugs that need to be eradicated period and never made legal. But thus far, making medicinal marijuana legal seems to have not fared too badly. Now, that’s only medicinal as it should remain. Drugs just for the hell of it should never be legalized. But until better medicines can be created, medicinal drugs should be legalized as they’d be less enticing. Which leads me to my next point.
Law-enforcement: Laws should be enforced but perhaps there are better ways to do so. Addiction is a problem that needs a better solution than just tossing them in jail. Granted, if they break another law while on the high or low of the drugs, then yes, jail time is the best punishment. But if their only crime is being addicted, instead of tossing them in jail for 1-5 years, perhaps enforcing rehab would be better. Not just rehab for a few months as that’s not long enough for the addict to clean up and have their bodies truly adjust to being clean, no longer going through the effects of the drug. But at least a year with the option of completely cold turkey and weaning off. Sometimes, going cold turkey only makes a problem worse as they will do everything in their power to get the drug back, needing the way it makes them feel.
All need to be adjusted for America to even begin to win the war on drugs. If we can adjust the way we’re fighting the battles, it will change the tide of the war.
That’s my opinion. That and $4 will buy you a coffee at Starbucks.

One Comment on “Change the Battle methods, Win the War!

  1. An attention-grabbing discussion is price comment. I feel that you need to write more on this matter, it might not be a taboo subject but usually people are not sufficient to talk on such topics. To the next. Cheers


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