What’s in the Suitcase?

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! I don’t have too much to write about this week. While I’m coming and going with pet-sitting and walking jobs, nothing too much has actually happened lately. Which I am not complaining about, I’m actually glad Murphy’s taking a break, knock on wood.

This week’s question: Do you have a signature clothing item?
My answer: I wouldn’t really say I have a fashion signature except I typically am wearing either tennis shoes or boots. Very rarely do I wear sandals, typically when it’s a special occasion. Then I’ll wear sandals or dress shoes. I’ll wear flip-flops to the beach or if I’m just stepping out for a minute to the yard. I also usually wear pants, I really dislike skirts and dresses. I wear what I want but I will admit that I’m overweight so the preferred styles that I like don’t really come in my size. I like darker colors, not necessarily black, but darker colors with pops of bright color. I am working on losing weight and toning up, for my health and personal preference more than anything. I’m doing well so far.
What’s your answer?

This week’s baking and cooking: I spent this last week away from my house in a pet-sitting job so there is no baking or cooking recipes to post. I will keep practicing my baking and will keep doing a new recipe for the 52 weeks of this year, just not every week. I enjoy baking, I want to eventually make baking my career in addition to my writing and my pet company. So I will keep at it, it’ll just need to be around my sitting jobs.

This week’s writing:
“We should burn the evidence.”
“We can’t.”
“What do you mean, we can’t?”
“If we tried to burn the evidence here, everyone would see it. We have to destroy the evidence somewhere we can’t be seen.”
“Okay, point. But how do we get it out of here?”
“I don’t know, we have to do something. If we stay here, we’re going down. But if we run without this, we’re still busted. We’ve got to get out of here unseen with this.”
The second boy shook his head but the first boy had a brain spark.
“Come on, help me here.”
They pulled a dusty suitcase out of the alley and stuffed the evidence in, not worrying about the cracks appearing. It was necessary.
“Okay, come on.”
“Ugh, this thing is heavy.”
“I know. That’s to be expected though, considering the size. Let’s go.”
It took considerable time but the two boys managed to get the really heavy suitcase through the streets and outside of town, into the woods.
“Now that we have it out here. Should we burn it or just bury it?”
“I’d say bury it except we don’t have a shovel and it would need to be really deep to keep the animals from digging it back up.”
“Yeah, but we can’t really burn it without either city-folk seeing smoke wafting from the woods, where no one is supposed to be or catching the woods on fire.”
“Now what, then? We can’t just leave it here. It’ll start to smell soon. They’ll find it and we could still be caught for the crime.”
“It was an accident.”
“So, we’re street rats. Not like they’ll believe us.”
The second boy had another idea.
“Come on. It’s not the best but it’s all I have.”
“Let’s do it, then. What is it?”
He pointed, “Look. There’s a cave there. We can drag it in deep enough and leave it in the suitcase. The suitcase should keep anything from getting to it, for a while at least. The cave will keep any stench from reaching the city. It saves us from breaking our hands trying to bury it and no trail that would be left with a fire.”
“Sounds good to me.”
The boys dragged the suitcase to the cave, taking it as deep in as they dared. They didn’t want to enter too far and get lost themselves. They didn’t want to die over this anymore than they wanted to be sent to jail.
“Come on. While no one is missing us, we should get back to town. We don’t want to run any more risks than we already have.”
The first boy nodded.
“Do you think anyone will miss what’s in the suitcase?”
“Probably. We just have to be careful we’re not connected to it.”
“So never talk about it again?”
“That’d be best.”
The two boys entered town once again, resolving to never speak of the suitcase in the cave again.
After all, they didn’t want to end up like the body inside the suitcase.
© Paula Crofoot

Monday Motivation: Shoot for the Moon and if you miss, you will still be among the stars.

Writing Prompt: “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?” “Actually, he’s right in front of you.”

Music I’m listening to as I’m posting this: Gone: Switchfoot-The Beautiful Letdown

Down the stairs

I’m not going first. You can if you like.

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