Is This Real or Is It a Trap?

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! Here is the latest piece of Cheryl’s Adventures as I promised.
They walked down the left tunnel for what felt like ages. The tunnel came to a sudden dead end.
Nica asked, “Now what?”
“Scan the walls for any carvings similar to that diagram above us.”
Beams of light bounced around the tunnel as the teens searched for another entrance to the next step.
“Here! I found it.”
Cheryl moved to Scott’s side, scanning where his flashlight had the wall lit up.
Running her hand over the wall, she translated what next step was necessary.
“X, come over here.”
Once he was beside her, she guided him in shifting puzzle pieces previously not visible until he touched the diagram on the wall. He continued moving until there was suddenly a loud echoing click.
X jerked back, “Was that right?”
Cheryl remained calm outwardly, refusing to show her nerves, “Yes, that’s right. Now the wall should open up.”
The tunnel began quaking once more.
“Oh, here we go again.”
“We better not be going lower!”
Kenny shouted, “Get Down!”
Before anyone could ask, he shoved Nica to the floor just in time to avoid her being beheaded by a stone falling off the diagrammed wall.
The others wasted no time in diving down and covering their heads as the diagrammed wall exploded rather than simply lowering or opening a hole.
As their hearing returned, they all gingerly sat up.
“Everyone alright?”
Scott helped his brother and Cheryl stand up in the rubble, “We’re alright.”
Kenny, Nica and X were next to stand up.
“Anyone see Lori?”
They all immediately began shifting the rubble, looking for Lori.
“Anyone find her?”
Everyone shook their heads except Kenny.
“I didn’t find her but look…”
His flashlight highlighted a smear of blood trailing off the direction the tunnel had just opened.
“Oh, God!”
“Oh, geez!”
“Well that means only one thing.”
“What’s that?”
“Let’s go. Something obviously took Lori as we were all diving out of the way. We’ve already lost Izzy, we have to find Lori.”
As they traversed over the rubble into the clear newly opened tunnel, X asked, “Has anyone else noticed it’s the girls that are disappearing first?”
Everyone exchanged glances before Sam, Scott, Kenny and X all gathered tightly around Cheryl and Nica.
Cheryl was wondering if any of them would in fact survive beyond X. She knew he had to survive as his ancestor had when he did this before. But she didn’t know if he’d had any friends when he entered and if any of them had survived. But it was too late to turn back. She took a deep breath as the six left continued on. None realizing that as they got out of sight, the wall reformed itself, trapping them.
© Paula Crofoot

Cave Collapsed

So, we’ve lost two now. Will they survive or is this a wild goose chase put into place by a rival of Xavier’s family generations before that will only end in tragedy?

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