I Wouldn’t Stand There and Take a Picture!


Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! This week was very monumental in my family. My mom’s car, the faithful steed, a 1999 Forest Green Ford Escort Sport finally gave her all. She has been retired and my mom now owns her dream car she’s wanted for years. IT’s not the color she wanted, nor necessarily the year but it’s the closest, a 2015 50th anniversary Pony edition fully tricked out Ford Mustang, competition orange. It is gorgeous and rides smooth. She’d considered buying a Ford Escape like I own and drive, but my Escape is a 2008 Silver Ford Escape Limited; yes, we keep our cars for 10+ years; and the 2018 Escape did not drive nearly as well. It was jerky and it had the energy saving ability of turning off after 20 seconds before restarting when you step on the gas, this one at least didn’t function well. That did not make either of us comfortable. So she went with her dream car, figuring she could always get it painted later if the orange color doesn’t grow on her.

This week’s question: This one was sort of deliberately picked: What’s your dream car.
My answer: My next car, likely to be my first brand new car, my current SUV was bought used when my Ford Ranger was wrecked(Not my fault!); will be another truck. It will be a Ford Super Duty F-250 King Ranch Truck; color is debatable. Currently the color is blue jean but previously it was red. My Ford Ranger, which I got lucky in that it was fully tricked out, side-step package, one owner previous to me, was a bright red. Having to total him still makes me sick as he was paid off and was a great truck-also 10 years old. I wouldn’t mind having another Ford Ranger Truck; they’re coming back in 2019! Yes, we’re Ford loyalist in this family. It’s all I’ve ever driven and will likely be all I ever drive.
What’s your answer?

This week’s baking and cooking: Due to a sitting job, when grocery shopping was done, a new recipe was planned but not executed and no baking was planned. I can promise that there will be a new cooking recipe this week as well as a couple of baking. I have a few planned so I’m not sure what I will be baking. I’ll keep you updated.

This week’s writing:
She hid in the shadows, attempting to muffle her panting. Her chest was heaving but if she couldn’t quiet her breathing, she would be certain to die. Her mind raced, attempting to find options But they were few. She couldn’t hide, it wouldn’t last long, running wouldn’t get her far on her sliced leg. He’d managed to trap her in the middle of nowhere so there was nearly no chance of help so she couldn’t wait. So, she couldn’t hide, couldn’t run and can’t wait, what option does that leave. Too many endings nearly guaranteed to end in her death, only one left that was unexpected. She had to attack him to kill, she had to take him down before he could take her down. Even if she failed, she was headed for nearly 90% chance of death now as it was. She might as well go down fighting til her last breath. She scrabbled among the forest floor for a weapon, hearing his footsteps crunching through the dead leaves and broken branches. Any minute now… She struggled back up onto her feet, holding the largest branch she could feel in the dark, stifling the sharp jolts of pain shooting through her shredded left leg.
“Here, little girl. Where are you… I know you’re here. You can’t run…”
He grew closer and closer, footsteps growing louder and louder, and she braced herself.
Flashlight lit up her form, “Ah, there you are…” and she swung with all her might.
© Paula Crofoot

Monday Motivation: What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.

Writing Prompt: “I’m not one for romance, but I am one for half-price chocolates. So, here we are.”

Because I don’t have any pictures of baking, cooking or any hobbies this week, I’ll add in a Creepy pic below. I enjoy them.

What the Hell!

I wouldn’t stand there and take a picture! Run, you idiot!!

Music I’m listening to as I’m posting this: Two Black Cadillacs: Carrie Underwood-Blown Away


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