What is in the Deep of the Water?

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! As I’m sitting here writing this entry, I am currently in the middle of a dog-sitting gig. My new friends and I have been enjoying ourselves. My pet-sitting business is taking off, I just booked another two gigs today and have three more coming up as well as a meeting with another client about another possible gig. I call them my clients as I consider customers someone you just want to sell something to and once you have, you’re done and more than likely never see each other again. Whereas with clients, you build a base with them, you’re on a first name basis with them and you’ll likely see each other again depending upon your business. So, I’ll keep you updated on my business.

This week’s question: One thing I’ll never regret is ___, because…
My answer: One thing I’ll never regret is never giving up because when you don’t give up on your dreams, you will achieve them. I’ve not given up and now my dreams are beginning to be achieved and will continue to achieve them as I continue to work hard.
What’s your answer?

This week’s baking and cooking: This week’s cooking didn’t happen as when I went to make the spicy southern corn, I was missing a can of corn that had been eating without me realizing as I’d been tired that night. There isn’t a new recipe this coming week as I am not at home, currently being on a sitting job. Likewise, while I baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake bars, I will not be baking anything new this next week. I am not at home, so it is not possible. Perhaps next Monday I’ll have plans for a new recipe the following week. We’ll see.

Edited Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars

This week’s writing: Two days passed before they finally reached the waterfall that hid the cave they needed.
As Lori stumbled up the hill behind everyone else, “Are we anywhere close yet? I’m exhausted!”
Nica agreed, “We’re not used to this kind of exercise. Please tell us we’re close.”
“I can’t tell you we’re close.”
A groan rose though the other teens and Cheryl grinned, “What I can tell you is that we’re here.”
“Wait, what?”
Cheryl pointed at the waterfall currently right in front of them.
“There’s the waterfall that is hiding the cave. Within that cave are the rest of the instructions to the rituals before we follow the rest of the directions in the book to return home.”
“Let’s go then!”
The teens filed down the hill not realizing that Cheryl had left a key part out of her statement.
Yes, this cave was where the rituals would take place. Yes, the instructions to those rituals are inside. However, the directions in the book were only for if the rituals failed and the fortune wasn’t restored. That is, the directions to return home were for if there was anyone left after the backlash of failed magics.

Izzy looked at the pouring water from the waterfall and asked, “This is probably a stupid question, but is there anyway to go through the waterfall without getting wet.”
Scott remarked, “You’re right, that is a stupid question.”
“No, this is involving magic, for all I know there’s a platform or something that prevent us from getting wet.”
“No, there isn’t anything mentioned in the book. IT’s probably a part of the trials.”
Cheryl had put the book back in her bag, there was little point in referencing to it when nothing more they’d be doing is inside.
They came to the edge of the lake that the waterfall fed into and Sam pointed out, “I hate to point out the redundant but does anyone see a way in that doesn’t involve swimming?”
In response, Scott dropped his backpack and jumped in.
Sam darted to the edge as his brother vanished underneath the water.
He soon came up and Sam told him off, “Are you nuts! What if there was something in the water! Or the water wasn’t as deep as it looked. You could’ve been hurt!”
Scott shrugged, “But I’m not.”
“Not yet, you mean!”
They looked where Izzy was pointing and Scott swiveled his head.
“Don’t just float! Swim!”
Sam didn’t have to tell his brother twice and Scott immediately swam for shore.
Kenny and Sam grabbed hold of Scott’s arms as Xavier reached over and grabbed the back of Scott’s shirt, the three yanking him to safety just as the creature in the water nipped at his feet.
“What is that?”
Cheryl shook her head, “I don’t know. It looks like it should be a shark but I’ve never seen one that color.”
“OR with that many teeth.”
“Yeah, that looks like twice as many teeth as any I’ve ever seen in an aquarium.”
“It can’t stepped onto land, can it?”
They all stepped back as Izzy spoke, “It shouldn’t be able to.”
“But we’ve never seen anything like it so we can’t be sure.”
Fortunately for the eight teens, the shark-like creature stayed in the water.
“Okay, now how do we get in there?”
“Well, at least we know we’re in the right place.”
“True, there wouldn’t be something guarding this waterfall if we weren’t in the right place.”
Nica had been walking along the edge of the water as they were talking and called their attention to the far edge of the pond.
They all traipsed over to where she was pointing and X spotted it first, “Stepping stones.”
“Yeah, but how do we use them without the shark-thing making a snack out of us.”
“I guess we run?”
“Over water?”
“Technically, it’s not over water, the stepping stones are just below water level. It should be enough to allow us to run but not be slippery as it would be if it was simply wet stones.”
“But how do we go fast enough it doesn’t get any of us?”
X picked up a small stone and commented, “What if we all grab stones and throw them as we run. With enough distraction on either side of the pond, it should, hopefully, not know which way is the prey.”
“It’s worth a shot.”
“We have to get in there somehow.”
They all picked up fairly good sized stones.
X asked, “Everyone ready?”
“As ready as we’ll ever be, I think.”
“I’ll lead.”
X took off, throwing his first stone across the pond, followed by Izzy, Cheryl, Nica, Sam, Scott, Lori and Kenny, each throwing their first stone as they take the first step. Everything went smoothly until they hit the actual waterfall.
As soon as X stepped through the water, his feet went out from underneath him; taking him down with the force of the water. As he yelled, it was too late to warn the others behind him and they quickly followed his path. They didn’t stand a chance, immediately landing in the water, still holding their stones. They each struggled to right themselves and come back to surface.
Kenny, Scott, X, Nica and Lori managed to come back to surface to see the shark-thing circling outside the actual waterfall.
“Can it not come in?”
“Who cares, where’s Sam?”
Scott saw a pair of hands flailing a short distance from him and, recognizing them, grabbed the wrists, pulling up until his brother popped above, gasping for air. He pointed, unable to talk, and Kenny dunked down to see what he was pointing at.
He popped back up long enough to take a deep gasp of air before diving back down.
© Paula Crofoot
So, what is Kenny diving down for? Is it something good that he wants or horrible and he doesn’t realize it yet? Where are Cheryl and Izzy?

Monday Motivation: Your Big Opportunity may be where you are now.

Writing Prompt: They broke the wrong parts of me. They broke my wings and forgot I had claws.

Music I’m listening to as I’m posting this: Lasst Uns Erfeuen: Reflections-Piper’s Dance

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