Looks like Cheryl’s about to go for a Wild Ride!

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! Here is the next excerpt of Cheryl’s Adventures. It looks like she’s about to go for quite a ride, one that she is not ready for. I’ve figured out that it’ll likely take more than the next three weeks to give ya’ll all of Cheryl’s story so I’ll be putting up pieces of it in my Monday posts as well. I’m looking forward to seeing where she and her new ‘friends’ go.

A couple of weeks later, Cheryl stepped out of her last class only to be brought to a halt by the sight of X sitting outside of her classroom. While she’d gradually grown more comfortable with the group over the last days, she and X hadn’t spoken beyond the first greetings.
Cheryl figured X was there to see her as the others’ final classes weren’t anywhere near here and, deciding to be brave, she approached him first.
“Hi, X.”
He nodded, still silent. She’d figured out that was simply his modus operandi as he was nearly silent even with the others.
“What brings you over here?”
He gazed at her straight on, allowing her to finally see his eyes and she was startled by the crystal shade of blue they were. Much like Izzy’s green hair, she’d never seen blue eyes like these before.
“I need your help.”
Surprised he’d actually spoken but still wary of this new group she’d found herself a part of, “With what?”
X pulled papers out of his ever-present messenger bag and handed them over.
Rifling through them, she discovered that none of the words were English.
“What language is this?”
“I was hoping you could help me figure that out.”
Figuring that translating papers couldn’t cause any harm, Cheryl agreed.
Later that evening, once she’d finished her homework, she pulled the sheaf of papers out of her notebook where she’d stuffed them after X had left them with her. He’d assured her they were copies and she could make any notes on them she needed.
Cheryl could just make out shadows on the edges of the papers that hinted these were copied out of a book. She hoped it was a book X owned or that he had legally borrowed.
She pushed her concerns away, eager to solve the puzzle that had been presented to her. Knowing her parents weren’t home and wouldn’t be for weeks, it gave her full access to the family library without questions.
She decided the first book to try would be her encyclopedia of languages. If a language was known, even abstractedly, it would be in here with a sample sentence. Even just letter formation matching the that of her papers would give her a clue.
Two hours later, she was nearly to the end of the book and still hadn’t found even a similarity between the mystery language and any other language. She was beginning to wonder if X had come across an unknown language when a sentence on the last page of the book matched the printing.
Comparing the letters, she discovered that X’s papers were in Xandi, an exceptionally rare, thought to be dead language of the east.
What on earth was a high school senior doing with a book bearing a dead language of Indonesia?

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