Poor Cheryl, what did she just find herself in the middle of??

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! Today is the first focused post of March. In preparation for April’s Camp NaNoWriMo, March’s posts will be on writing. Whether it is sharing how I plot and plan my writing, the bit that I do anyway, or sharing a short story. Today is sharing a piece of a short story. If I get enough likes or enough comments asking me to do so, I’ll continue this piece on another day.

“You’re weird.”
“No, that was a compliment.”
She blinked at him in surprise.
“It was?”
“Yep. I like weird. Want to be friends?”
She hesitated, clutching her books to her chest, scanning him for lies. It wouldn’t be the first time someone’s pretended to like her to get something from her. Only to leave as soon as they’d gotten what they wanted.
“Great! Are you at lunch now?”
“Come on, then. I want you to meet my other friends. We gather over here. Do you need to get food?”
She shook her head, she didn’t usually eat on campus, waiting until after the last class of the day.
He grabbed her hand, she automatically shifted the weight of her books to her other hand, still against her chest, and led her to where his friends had apparently gathered to eat.
She could feel the looks from the other students gathered in the quad and couldn’t blame them. A blond guy in all black pulling along the school nerd would attract attention wherever they were.
“Hey, guys. This is my new friend, sorry, what was your name again, darling?”
“This is Cheryl.”
Pointing to each person in turn and waiting for them to acknowledge he was pointing at them, “This is Sam, Scott, they’re twins; Izzy, Nica, Xavier, though he prefers X, and Lori. And I just realized I never even introduced myself, I’m Kenny.”
She waved in return to each person, taking stock of the group she’d suddenly found herself on the outer edges of.
Though Kenny said Sam and Scott were twins, they barely looked it. Scott wore all black, similar to Kenny, but his brown hair was to his shoulders, loose, and had piercings covering his ears, lips, nose and she could see what looked to be a tattoo peeking out of his sleeve. Whereas Sam was nearly the complete opposite, wearing black slacks, a white button-up and an open vest with combat boots, his brown hair was just as long but pulled back in a neat and trim ponytail, no piercings and no signs of a tattoo.
Izzy was the first person she’d ever seen this close with neon green hair, she had just as many piercings as Scott did but whereas Scott and Kenny were in all black, she was in an array of neon colors. Nica was Izzy’s opposite much as Sam was Scott’s opposite. Simply wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes, she screamed skater chick with the skateboard at her feet.
Then there was Xavier, sorry, X. His black hair was shaggy, and in his eyes, she couldn’t have told you what color they were. He was in all black but minus the piercings that half of his friends seemed so fond of. But instead from what she could see, though she knew he had to just be 18, X was covered in tattoos. He also made the shortest eye contact, content it seemed to keep to himself.
Similarly, to his friends, Kenny was in all black but while he had the ear piercings, he lacked any piercings on the face and while his blond hair was just as long as the twins’, like Sam, he kept it in a neat ponytail.
“Come, come, have a seat. We don’t bite, I promise.”
Izzy smirked, “Not much, anyway.”
Kenny frowned, “Now, now, don’t scare her away, Izzy. Don’t mind her, Cheryl. She likes being a brat sometimes.”
Cheryl gingerly took a seat, baffled by the turn of events that brought her here.
© Paula Crofoot

That’s all for today. Let me know if you’d like me to continue the adventures that poor Cheryl just found herself in.


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