Are You Loyal or Not?

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! Well, I have heat again. The thermostat to the central air and heat system in this rental house went out Saturday afternoon and we did alright until yesterday morning. It started to get a little chilly in here. I was wearing sweatpants, long-sleeved shirt, fingerless gloves, socks and slippers to stay warm-and I’m warm-blooded. Fortunately, my landlord managed to get someone out here on a Sunday so we have heat once more. However, issues seem to come in threes as the internet chip on one of the computers has gone out, fortunately not either of mine, and the cable box on the big tv in the living room has gone out. There’s nothing to be done for the computer, it has to have a new brain but the cable people should be out this morning so hopefully, we won’t be dependent on my 19” flat screen for too long. It’s fine for me but not for two people long-term. Plus where it’s set up in the office is for my workstation that’s set for just me. I only have cable on it because it’s set up with ROKU not a box from our cable/internet/phone provider. What are your thoughts on cable, dish, or streaming systems like ROKU that bring in Hulu, Sling? I have Spectrum at the moment but have been considering Sling for tv while keeping Spectrum for internet and landline. Yes, I’m old-school but a landline is good in emergencies and professionally. I do have a couple of businesses from home.

This week’s question: Your favorite books?
My answer: I’m an avid reader so I have multiple favorite books. In no particular order: the Harry Potter series(the fourth is my favorite); Woman without a Past by Phyllis A. Whitney, the Cat Who series, Episode Zero-Mobile Suit Gundam Wing[I consider Anime books as well], and the In the Garden/Inn Boonsboro/Key trilogies by Nora Roberts. Those are just the books off the top of my head. If I was to go through my bookcases and list my favorites, we’d be here all day. Plus, this is just fiction, I have a few non-fiction as well.

What’s your answer? I’m truly interested as I’m always looking for new books to read. Currently, I’m working my way through Nora Robert’s trilogies and the Trash and Treasures series by Barbara Allen and the A Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs.

This week’s baking and cooking: This week’s cooking didn’t happen as I didn’t buy the chicken broth needed, it somehow didn’t make the grocery list. However, I will be making the Mexican Chicken Tortilla soup as well as the last recipe of February: a Tex-Mex Cream of Turkey Soup. That one should be fairly interesting. This week’s baking went well, I made Almond Oatmeal cookies and Ghost Sugar Cookies. I’ve done better sugar cookie recipes and figured out that the almond oatmeal cookies would be better with either less almond or the same amount of almond but another extract in addition as the almond overpowered the oatmeal and they tasted very sweet/bitter at the same time. But the oatmeal cookies didn’t burn and while the ghost cookies tinted on the edge, that’s because they were on parchment paper, not just the pan. So, I’ll need to adapt for that if I use that recipe again but I have a different recipe that I’ll be using. This week’s baking will be fun: it’s Root Beer Float Cupcakes. You’ll have to wait for the pictures to see why it’s called a Root Beer Float. 😊

Edited Oatmeal and Ghost Cookies pic

This week’s writing: “My sister never did right by anyone, so when they said she died peacefully in her sleep, I knew that was far from the truth. She’d made several enemies in her short life. I simply needed to find the one that had had enough with her and did away with her.
Not because I was angry, you see. No, I needed to find them to thank them. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my sister. She was my sister after all. But just like everyone else, I hated her at the same time. If she hadn’t been my sister, I can assure we would’ve been mortal enemies. As it was, we rarely spoke and I loved her more when I didn’t interact with her.
She had that air about her that whatever she thought was correct and while she might be polite and ask your opinion, she really didn’t care, even if it matched her thoughts. If you dared to argue, oh, boy. She’d make sure you understood that you were wrong, why you were wrong, how wrong you were and just how much of an idiot you were for thinking differently. She also ensured you knew that you were inferior to her and to not even think that you might remotely be on her level. She was better than everyone else, no matter how many people she had to step on to get there. They were lowly people that didn’t matter and in fact, should be thankful that she deemed them worthy of being a footstep in her life.
So, you can see, she had few allies, fewer family, no friends and plentiful enemies. Any chance you can tell me the last person that saw her alive? I was told it was you, but I can see in your eyes, the one that remains open anyway, that it wasn’t you. But rather, someone wants to do away with you, so they’ve framed you.
Oh, did I forget to tell you? I hate her because of her methods and thinking she was better than everyone else. But I’m not much better, we take after our mother in that aspect except I’m even more like Mother in my more brutal methods when necessary. There was a reason Mother passed the ruling of our ‘family’ to me and not my sister. Not that many people know of those methods as very few that experience them survive. And those that do… they’re loyal to me ‘til the end, however swift or long that may be.
So, what’s your choice? Give me the answer I need and swear loyalty or give the answer I need and die now in excruciating pain?
Choose wisely.”
© Paula Crofoot

Monday Motivation: No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

Writing Prompt: There’s someone in my head; but it’s not me.

Music I’m listening to as I’m posting this: Moorlough Shore: The Corrs-Home

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