Would You Shake It?

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! As I’m writing this is it wet, gloomy and in the 50s outside, a typical February day, but just yesterday, it was sunny, happy and in the 70s. A typical weather phenomenon in Texas, as we often say here, if you don’t like the weather, just wait, it’ll change. Since I was here last, I received notice that not only was my profile on Rover Go, the company I’ll be doing the pet-sitting I’ve mentioned though, now active, with professional photos but I’ve also booked my first gig through them. For my clients’ privacy, I will never post any identifying markers about them though I may comment about the dogs, with likely no names, from time to time. If you’re in Texas, on Rover and need a sitter or walker, you can look me up and see if I’m in your area.

This week’s question: What is the view from your window right now?

My answer: Well, that’s an ironic question to have drawn considering that I just mentioned the weather. Right now, it is gray, barely lit, windy, soaked as it just finished another light rain. Looking out of the window of the room I’m in, I see my neighbor across the street, which FYI: they have a huge tv in one of the front rooms. When I’m taking my trash out to the curb at night, I can see the screen as if it was right in front of me even through their, even though it’s dark, still open blinds. Honestly, if I had a tv that size in one of the front rooms, I’d take care to close the blinds when it’s getting dark; let’s not invite intruders with the sight of a large electronic. But that’s just my opinion; that and $3 will buy you a coffee at the local Starbucks. (Not even a dollar anymore) If you get that saying, then you’re as old as I am and congratulations on feeling old now. Well, oldish, I’m not that old, just know old sayings.

What’s your answer?

This week’s baking and cooking: This week’s soup was Nacho Cheese Chowder and it was really good! I was afraid it would taste like watered down cheese, but it didn’t! It actually tasted like a cross between a Queso and a soup, it was a chowder as it has veggies and beef in it which a soup doesn’t normally have. This next week’s cooking was supposed to be a Mexican Chicken Tortilla soup, however, somehow whenever I need broth, whether it be chicken or beef, it Never makes my grocery list. So, that’ll have to wait until next week with the next recipe after I’ve gone back to the grocery store. Unless something is really necessary or has come up, I prefer to not go to the grocery store multiple times for one or two items. I’ll keep you updated on that. If you read Friday’s update, you’ll know that my first baking with the new digital oven went Great! If not, please check it out, it tells you in full detail about this week’s cake, a Victoria Sponge Cake. It was light and fluffy, perhaps could be a little fluffier but that’ll come with practice. The filling was even sweet without being overly sweet. I have a sweet tooth, I wouldn’t enjoy baking so much if I didn’t, but even my sweet tooth has a limit. Next week’s baking is actually two recipes: almond oatmeal cutout and ghost shortbread cookies. I’m not that fond of oatmeal cookies but my housemate loves them and the ghost shortbread cookies will let me practice my baking decorating skills on cookies. I’ll keep you updated on those.

This week’s writing:
Aimee rolled her eyes, she hated going shopping with her mother at these pop up side of the road shacks. You never knew what might be lurking in one of them but her mother was insistent she’d find a goldmine one of these days so anytime they drove by one, they had to stop and shop, never mind the fact their RV never had room for anything she’d find.
Her eyes narrowed as she spotted the one thing she did enjoy, there was a shelf of snow globes. Maybe she’d find one to add to her collection whenever they returned home. Though with her mother’s flights of fancy, who knew when that would be.
She found a few different snow globes that were different before she spotted the one. She’d never seen her town in a snow globe before. Bundt, Texas was a small city, most had never even heard of it, much less would she had ever expected to find a snow globe of it. But it didn’t look like it had the usual snow that would float when you shook it. She wondered what would happen and decided to give it a shake.
Suddenly, the earth beneath Bundt, Texas tremored, shaking the foundations of even the oldest buildings in downtown Bundt, Texas. A rift began in the center of downtown and quickly expanded north and south, decisively dividing Bundt into East Bundt and West Bundt permanently. At the center of the now canyon, a sinkhole began, collapsing first the entirety of downtown Bundt quickly followed by the commercial district that surrounded the historical downtown before finally slowing just as it reached the residential on either side of the east and west division. People tried to outrun first the canyon rift, then the sinkhole but thousands never had a chance, sinking into the earth with the building they were inside and the remaining that didn’t sink were tossed in the air from just a few feet to hundreds of feet in the air before floating back down. If they were outside, they usually survived, though injured, but anyone inside one of the surviving buildings were usually impaled on something or crashed into the ceiling or floor, cracking skulls or spines.
As the water within the snow globe turned red, undetermined body parts and building debris floating within, Aimee shakily placed it back on the shelf. Jaw dropped and eyes wide, she realized that most of the snow globes on this shelf now had red water as well.
The old lady that ran the little shop popped up, smug smirk on her lips, “No one ever sees the red water until they shake the globe with their home in it. Now, it’s too late. I wouldn’t go home if I were you.”
She disappeared into the back as Aimee quickly left, needing to find cell service to call her friends back home. Surely the old lady was making it up. Right?
© Paula Crofoot
(What do you think? Was she?)

Monday Motivation: Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m Possible’!

Writing Prompt: ‘My mother always told me that there was nothing to be afraid of in the dark. Maybe she just never saw it because it’s the same color as the darkness.’


Music I’m listening to as I’m posting this: Night Changes: One Direction-Four

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