Bujo or no? Homemade VS Store-bought?

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! Sorry about the super-late post. I didn’t have time to prewrite this last weekend and I had a interview this morning that took longer than expected. Add to that, I’ve done some reorganizing of files this weekend and working on a binder for my planner, bullet journal and extra writing necessities and I’ve been busy for a 3 day weekend. Does any of my visitors keep a bullet journal? If so, chime in and let me know what layouts you use. I’m still working on mine as I just got it Friday. I started one late last year but it fell by the wayside as I wasn’t really happy with it. I have plans for this year as I’ve decided, come hell or high water, 2018 will be my year. I decided that about 2017 and it tanked about mid-year but I’m determined 2018 will be better. My words of the year is Survival and Live.
This week’s question: Where were you 10 years ago.
My answer: Geez, this one will age me. Ten years ago, I was starting my second semester of college at Abilene Christian University. (BTW, I am a Christian, but not Church of Christ) I was actually in the middle of my first year as a Interior Design Major. That quickly changed as that semester had my first actual design class. The previous semester had generic art classes all art and design majors had to take. I discovered that while I can design a room I’m standing in, and really enjoy it, but to draw up plans took too much math and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it right. I would draw a plan and my professor would tell me I just put a 9 ft couch in a 6 ft room even through the couch was way smaller than the room on the diagram. I changed majors the next semester to Family Studies that I did get my bachelor’s of science in. I still enjoy being creative, hence Imaginative HandiCrafts, and interior design, I just restrict it to my own area where I don’t need the stupid plans.
What’s your answer?
This week’s baking and cooking: I was going to bake red velvet cake only to realize that my housemate used the last of the white vinegar I needed for it. So, instead, I baked oatmeal cookies, her favorite, and snickerdoodles, one of my favorites. I now have five dozen cookies in this house. I’ve made the sweet and spicy beans that went with the chicken and the sausage and beans. Both were really good, though I’ve discovered I am not fond of chickpeas and, as usual with all new recipes, will be modifying it next time I make it. After the first time, I never make a new recipe the same the next time. Which you really shouldn’t as everyone has different tastes. This week will be Beef stew. I think tomorrow will be a really good day based on the weather forecast. I also made a large bottle of home-made ranch. I enjoy making things from scratch, including condiments and the like. It’s better for you, a lot of times cost-saving and honestly, I think better tasting. I know I like the ranch better than the store-bought and I always bought Hidden Valley Ranch.
This week’s writing:
“You’ve looked better, what happened?”
“I ran into some old friends.”
She did a double-take, “Seriously? Your face looks like hamburger meat, what kind of ‘old friends’ were these?”
“The kind I would’ve preferred to have left in the past.”
“No kidding. Are they going to be an issue? I can get Mac to help out.”
“They shouldn’t be.”
“But you don’t know that for a fact.”
The long pause and guilty look in his brown eyes told her that much.
“That settles it. Mac’s going to hang around the bookstore until we’re sure they’re gone.”
“That’s not necessary.”
“Like hell it isn’t.”
“I don’t want you to go through any extra hassle because I’m a mess.”
She poked him in the shoulder before continuing to patch up his face.
“You were a mess. You’re cleaning that up and it’s no extra hassle to have Mac hang around. Honestly, I think he gets bored if he doesn’t get threaten someone every once and a while. Seriously, they need to have their heads examined if they come around here and stick around after meeting him.”
“Most wouldn’t stick around after meeting a 8 ft. tall demon.”
“But you did. That makes you better than them.”
© Paula Crofoot
Monday Motivation: The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible. -Arthur C. Clarke
Writing Prompt: “Sorry, I have a clingy and feverish assassin on my lap. I’ll call you back when I’ve convinced him that a cold doesn’t mean he’s dying.”
Music I’m listening to as I’m posting this: Centuries: Fall Out Boy-American Beauty/American Psycho.

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