Take a Break

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! I am currently feeling really relaxed as I did something I’ve not done before. I spent this weekend during absolutely nothing, cooped up on my bed with my laptops, books, and magazines. Essentially, I took a mental health weekend. It was going to just be one day but it felt really good Saturday night so I decided to do it again Sunday, knowing I’d be back at the usual routine today anyway. While I don’t have a ‘schedule’ for the weekends, I usually end up being ‘productive’ as defined by society demands anyway. This weekend, I did nothing that I didn’t want to do other than my three personal challenges which are things I want to do anyway or I wouldn’t have challenged myself to do them. More updates on my challenges and goals throughout 2018. I feel revitalized and ready to go, I fully understand why people recommend mental health breaks/days/weekends. It’ll be a long while, probably middle of the year, before I do it again but I enjoyed it and definitely recommend it to anyone stressed out. My primary stress is finding a job as the seasonal job I had is gone, as expected, and my original plan, as they do, has shifted though the end goal hasn’t changed.
This week’s question: Now this is an ironic question after this last weekend-Three pet peeves?
My answer: My three pet peeves: passive aggressive behavior, just say it already; people who say, no offence as if it downplays whatever they just said that was insulting; and people who either stand right in the middle of the sidewalk and not move or a group of people moving slowly on the entire side of the sidewalk and block the entire sidewalk/walkway. All you can think is, ‘Move!’
What’s your answer?
This week’s baking and cooking: I baked Jumbo Chocolate Mint Chip cookies. They turned out really good. I used a few tips from Duff Goldman’s book and they, even in my temperamental oven, didn’t burn, without the parchment paper I’ve had to use since living here. This week I’m planning on baking Red Velvet Cake from scratch, I’ll let you know how it goes. Sometimes, my cakes aren’t fluffy. I haven’t made this week’s new recipe, it was supposed to be Sunday as like I said, I took a mental health weekend so Sunday, I had breakfast for dinner. I’ll be making both this next week. January’s theme is slow-cooker/crockpot recipes. This week will be Sausage and Beans and Fried chicken with Beans.
This week’s writing:
“We’re being led by an idiot with a crayon.”
“A purple crayon.”
“Oh, excuse me. We’re being led by an idiot with a purple crayon.”
“It’s all in the details.”
“The only detail I see here is the Idiot!”
“I have a plan.”
“Really, cause all I see is an idiot making scribbles while the hunters are getting closer.”
“It’ll be okay.”
“Sides, if you’re so worried about his plan, why don’t you come up with something.”
“Because I’m not from here. I’m running blind here and depending on the only one who is from here, who is currently making some bizarre plan using a crayon!”
“Don’t start with the damn color again or I’m shoving it down your throat!”
“Yes, ma’am.” © Paula Crofoot
Monday Motivation: Be the Hero of your own story, not the sidekick. It’s your story to write, star in it. -Paula
Writing Prompt: I tried to do it differently, I tried to make them all my friends, but now… now I want them dead.
Music I’m listening to as I’m posting this: Get Low: Liam Payne & Zedd-Single

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