Let’s all Come Together

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! One week closer to Christmas! It is my favorite holiday. Usually, I decorate my house the Sunday after Thanksgiving but this year, as ya’ll learned last week, I wasn’t even in the country at the time so I decorated the Sunday after I got back, after the first of December. This last week, I decorated the outside. I like the way my home is decorated for Christmas but I know some would say it looks like Santa’s magical bag blew up. Just an example of one DIY decoration:

Christmas Flower Pot '16 2Christmas Flower Pot '16

But I love the giving spirit of Christmas more than anything, the sense of brotherhood and joy that permeates the air this time of year. This is actually the first year in 20 years that I haven’t done a Salvation Army Angel. But between the family trip and being out of town without enough time to shop before the deadline but also finances being tight, I just couldn’t afford it. But I’ll pick it back up next year as I expect other changes in my life that will make it affordable again. My life is good and I know how hard it can be so I want to give back to those that are in need, that have fallen on hard times. Honestly, that shouldn’t be reserved for only this time of year but as the year goes on, everyone; I’ll be honest-even myself, forgets about caring about others and just moves on with their lives as they are. Perhaps, that something we can all come together to resolve to do better about this next year?

This week’s question: I couldn’t imagine living without…

My answer: I figure this question probably actually refers to something physical, something tangible but that’s not my answer off the top of my head. My answer is, I couldn’t imagine living without imagination. Everything stems from imagination of some sort. Those in the science field may say that they’re aren’t imaginative but thinking about their experiments, theorizing about the possible results, that is a form of imagination. The results that they’re looking for have never happened, making it something only in their imagination that they choose to make real The same goes for any field that you’re in. Imagination is the base of anything, especially the fields that I’ve chosen of writing and food creation.

What’s your answer? What’s something you couldn’t imagine living without?

This week’s baking: This week, I tried something completely new. I tried my hand at yeast-free donuts. My housemate loves donuts so I made easy glazed donut holes. They were actually really easy an are delicious. This week, I’ll be trying another candy as well as a form of pie. I do something fun in the kitchen, this is my third year going. I try a new recipe every week, each month is a different theme. For the last three months, I’ve tried a new baking recipe in addition to the cooking recipe. However, December’s theme is baking-it being Christmas time and all. So I’ll be trying a lot of new baking recipes as well as some old traditions, like the family fudge. I think, starting in January, if ya’ll are interested, I might start talking about the new weekly cooking recipe as well as the baking recipe. I love experimenting in the kitchen, whether it’s with savory or sweet.

This week’s writing: First, she realized she was pregnant and made an appointment to have it confirmed. Then, the doctor shocked her when she informed her that her baby would only be half-human. Now, the young woman sat in the park, watching families play, wondering what she was going to do now.

She knew she’d have the baby, that was never in any doubt. But, to raise a child half-human and half-supernatural, how could she care for the babe? She was fully human and had had no idea the babe’s father wasn’t. Oh, she knew another realm existed, the Gifted, they’d been exposed a generation before and while there had been battles, hate, ignorance as there was for anything new, they were all accepted for the most part.

But for one human and one Gifted to come together, that was rare, unheard of and now, now she was having a child of one such union and she had no idea how to reach out to the father. She hadn’t seen him since that night, their lives not crossing very often with him just circling the fringes of her group of friends.

Oh well, there was several months before the child would be born, she would find him at some point before then and tell him of the baby’s existence, everything would be just fine.

If only she knew just how wrong she was… © Paula Crofoot

Monday Motivation: Thousands of candles can be lighted from one single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. -Buddha

Writing Prompt: You are a tattoo artist that has the ability to give people powers from the tattoos you give, by using special inks.

Let’s not forget about the Writing Chain Story from the first of this month…

Music I’m listening to as I’m posting this: See You Again: Carrie Underwood-Blown Away

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