Embrace or Fear your Shadow?

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! I did do what I intended last week in terms of my baking. I baked a family recipe-Banana Nut Bread which is apparently solely American as my bit of research revealed it became standard here in the 1950s but unknown in other countries. I also baked an Irish recipe-Buttermilk Apple Pie from my Irish Favorites cookbook. It’s really good and I think it’ll become a regular dessert. It’s already been requested for Thanksgiving with the annual pumpkin pie and it’s so easy to make.

One thing that has come out of my new job is continuous new inspiration for Imaginative HandiCrafts. I’ve got a couple of ideas for new products but I’ve got to get the funds to buy the materials. Currently, here are pics of a couple of products for sale.


This week’s question: What is your relationship like with various members of your family?

My answer: I’m going to answer this but with absolutely no names. We all know nothing truly stays mum on the internet and my family knows nothing about this blog. There’s nothing wrong with this blog, I just realize they wouldn’t get why I write it. I’m actually really close to my mother, she’s a single mother who’s raised me completely by herself since I was very young and I’m an only child so we grew close. It’s the exact opposite with my father. Honestly, I see him as the sperm donor and that’s it. I was fairly close, so to speak, with my grandma-his mother- until she passed suddenly a couple of years ago. Beyond that, I don’t actually have a relationship with the various uncles, aunt, and cousins through both sides of the family. If I was to get into the bones of my family tree, we’d be here all day and your eyes would be bowling balls and jaw dropped low enough to let a fly in. Let’s just say there’s lots of nuts up my family tree and as the Kellie Pickler Selma Drye song goes: ‘Cause I’m the only apple on the tree that didn’t hit the ground and sit down in the mud’. (Yes, I realize that’s mixing nuts and apples but it works for this purpose)

What’s your answer?

This week’s writing: In spirit of Halloween though it’s kind of my style of writing on a normal basis.

We all have a shadow self. We can fear it. Or dance with it. Marcie chooses to dance with her shadow self. She always laughs to see that no one knows that her shadow self is constantly with her. Most people fear their shadow self, seeing as a dark extension of themselves. Marcie has embraced her shadow self, letting go of her restraint when necessary to ensure she got what she wanted.

Such as a few weeks ago when a guy at a party her friend threw caught her attention. Very few guys catch her attention so she decided to have a go with him. However, before she could approach him, his ‘girlfriend’ appeared. She eyed them both and decided it would be simple enough to get rid of the girl. She’d take the acceptable approach and woo the guy first, encouraging the girl to take a walk. If, or rather when, that didn’t work, she’d step it up to a less acceptable approach in informing the girl she needed to go for both of their sakes. If, and again rather when, that didn’t work, she’d get rid of the girl, simple as that. She’d prefer to hop right to that latter solution as it was more fun but not only was it not acceptable to the majority as they prefer to hide away from their shadow, but the cat and mouse game can be fun… when she was the cat, that is.

Marcie grinned, white teeth gleaming against blood red lips, gazing down at her prey. Linus had refused her advances at first, to loyal to his girlfriend. It encouraged her as it meant he’d be loyal to her once she got the other girl out of the way. However, apparently the other girl also saw the catch Linus was and refused to move along easily. No matter, Marcie never lost. As such, Linus was now hers, completely loyal to her, never even giving another thought to Marcie’s prey. However, she refused to accept the break-up peacefully and kept harassing Linus, begging him to take her back.

That led the two of them where they were now. Marcie wasn’t about to let this little girl disrupt what she now had with Linus. As such, she had to go. She licked her lips, tasting the blood-red lipstick.

“Hm. Type A, why doesn’t that surprise me. You certainly came across as a type-A bitch. But no more.”

It was simple work, to Marcie anyway, to take her prey apart, burn the fingers and toes to ensure the finger prints were gone, pull her teeth and pulverize them in the blender she kept for this purpose and burn them in her fireplace. She added the blond hair to the fire as she shaved her prey’s head, she needed to ensure there was no way the body could be identified. Linus needed to believe his ex ran away when she couldn’t get him to get back with her, not that his current girlfriend did away with her. Marcie knew better than that the body would never be found, thinking like that is how previous killers got caught. She’d prefer to over-think it and ensure that if the body was found, it couldn’t be identified than get cocky and believe the body would never be found and then immediately be caught when the identity led back to Linus and such, back to her.

Dumping the body in different dumpsters, leaving her cell phone at home so it wouldn’t ping off of different cell towers, gave her an alibi that allowed her to gravel out of the city as well.

“Hey, Marcie?”

“Yeah, Linus?”

“Have you heard from her?”


“My ex.”

Marcie secretly grinned as even Linus had dropped his ex’s name from being said.

“No, I haven’t. Have you?”

“No. You think she finally got the clue that I’m no longer interested?”

“Here’s hoping. You don’t deserve to be constantly harassed.”

Linus kissed Marcie on the top of her head, “Neither do you, hon.”

Marcie grinned, her shadow flickering over her shoulder in joy that they had won this game. © Paula Crofoot

Monday Motivation: I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

This week’s music as I’m posting this: Lucky 4 U (Tonight I’m just Me): SHeDAISY-The Whole Shebang

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