Kitchen Experiments?

Hiya, welcome back to PEP! Not a whole lot to post about this week though I have had an epiphany that has to do with what will be going on in my life the next couple of months. But more on that as things change and evolve. Last week’s baking went really well. It is actually my first baking recipe that I made myself. I’ve always experimented in the kitchen but always along the lines of savory recipes. I’ll modify desert dishes as necessary but had never made one completely on my own. But my Curled Chocolate Pie turned out really well and I’ve even figured out an additional modification for taste preference already. I’ll admit, I’m really good at cakes, pies, brownies, cobblers and fudge. I’m still mastering cookies though frankly, a large part of my problem with that is my oven. The oven in my current rental cooks hot and fast but never the same for each recipe. One cookie dough will bake really fast and burn if I leave it in too long but similar dough, not very different, won’t be fully baked in the same amount of time. My last oven worked great and my cookies turned out great every batch no matter what dough recipe. This week’s baking, I think, will be a new cupcake recipe but I also have an Irish Apple pie I want to try, it is fall after all, plus a couple more. I try to keep a fairly stocked pantry as far as baking supplies go.

This week’s Question: What’s your favorite drink? I have multiple journal/blogging questions that I choose at random.

My Answer: I have a few different faves, can be depending upon time of year as well. My favorite drink in the fall is apple cider, in the winter is definitely hot cocoa, gotta be with three-five small marshmallows. Only the small marshmallows, the large are too big for mugs and get in the way of drinking the cocoa. In the spring, sweet iced tea is my favorite and the summer-almost any flavor fruit punch and at both times-cold green tea by Lipton, any flavor fruit in it. My all-time favorite drinks, any time of the year: hot tea- black, green, herbal, chai, earl grey; and I can drink Irish coffee at any time. I’m not a huge alcohol drinker but I want to include all kinds of drinks in this list: if I were to choose something, I would have go with whiskey, followed a jack and coke.

What are some of your favorite drinks?

This weeks’ writing: I’ve declared my novel on for National Novel Writing Month. Throughout November, I will keep you updated, perhaps even give tastes of my newest novel I’ll be writing. For now, I’m doing some editing of a novel and other random writing.

I know that sound as if it was my own. I happened to turn and saw him in line just a few people behind me. I turned back as the barista asked me what I wanted. After ordering, I stepped to the side, careful to keep my back to him so he couldn’t run again if he happened to recognize me. I kept an eye on the line in my peripheral, to see where he went. My eyebrows rose when he happened to step to the side of the line right next to me. But he was focused on his phone so no doubt, he didn’t realize I was standing next to him.

I cleared my throat but he remained focused on the damn screen. Frowning, I tapped him on the shoulder. He jumped a foot and I barely muffled a snicker. He turned and I watched his skin lighten two shades.

“Jeff. Hi.”

I didn’t say anything, simply raised an eyebrow.

I watched him swallow and I pointedly looked at his phone, knowing he’d know what I was asking. It’d been a while but we still had the brother-bond.

“Sorry I hung up on you. I didn’t mean to answer the call.”

I scowled and watched him begin to sweat. There was a time he didn’t fear me. Clearly that would need to be corrected.

My name was called for my coffee and I spoke, before stepping forward to pick it up, “I’ll see you tonight, the usual place.”

He knew it wasn’t a request and nodded.

Later that night, I arrived in the park to find him in the usual place as expected.


“Do we really need to do this?”

“Need I remind you, you left us.”

“I couldn’t take it anymore.”

“You cannot just walk when you want to. Once in, you’re in. Let’s go.”

I heard his footsteps behind me, could hear his heartbeat begin racing, even smell his blood, type AB, pulsing through his veins as his fear became palpable.

I turned once we arrived at our destination, “You have nothing to fear if you answer the next question correctly.”


“Are you going to try to run again?”


“You sure? You know I can smell fear and know when you’re lying.”

He swallowed hard, “I’m sure.”

“Good. Then you can take the next one.”

I handed him the knife as two of my servants brought out the next sacrifice.

She was blind-folded, hands tied behind her back.

“You want her tied or loose?”

“It’s been a while, leave her tied.”

I nodded, “When you’re ready.”

As the knife began slashing through the cold air, I grinned, fangs glinting in the moonlight, I knew he couldn’t escape. Once you’ve had a taste of blood-letting, you couldn’t stop, you just needed more. Only the foolish would try and they would always either return, if I was merciful, or be the next sacrifice. © Paula Crofoot

This week’s music as I’m posting this: Pocahontas Proud: Gretchen Wilson-Here for the Party. (I can promise my music will jump all over the genre map. This week shuffle was my Kick-ass-you-can-do-it playlist.)The Woman You're Becoming

Some Monday morning inspiration: #Mondaymotivation

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