Prayers for All!

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! First of all, all of my prayers and love go out to the victims and their families in Las Vegas! It was horrible waking up to news like that this morning and am praying for them. Events like this are why gun control is necessary!

On a more positive note, as of yesterday, it is now my Favorite time of year! I love Holiday time! As of October 1, I love the next three months. October is truly the first of fall in Texas where I live and Halloween. November is both my birthday and Thanksgiving. Then December is Christmas, my most favorite holiday!

I would’ve posted earlier but I spent this morning cleaning and decorating for Halloween. Now, I don’t celebrate the religious, so to speak, notes of Halloween. I just like the creepy, spooky, more supernatural tones of Halloween. Look below for my Witch’s Workshop and the Asylum entrance

Last week’s baking was the Rustic Autumn Fruit Tart and it turned out really well and was delicious. You can see the picture on my Instagram. I have an experiment planned for this week and one for the week of Halloween. I don’t know how well this week’s will turn out but I’ll keep you updated and I don’t know what I’ll do between this week and the week of Halloween but I’ll be doing something every week. This is the best time of the year for baking as not only are there the holiday themes for the baking but the weather is cooler here in Texas and more comfortable to bake. Although you’ll still find me baking at any time of the year, regardless of the weather outside.

This week’s question: The Holiday traditions I most look forward to are?

My answer: For Halloween, I look forward to decorating. I always decorate inside the first few days of October and the outside by the second or third week of October. November first, I decorate for Thanksgiving. That’s mostly inside though I do have something for this year for the outside. I always have a wreath though, since that’s one of my specialties, I even sell them on my shop Imaginative HandiCrafts. Usually, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I decorate for Christmas. That tradition started when I was five. I had turned five just before that Thanksgiving, my Grandpapa had come down for Thanksgiving as my father, worthless as he is, had walked out on us the month before. So, to distract me as I was so young and my Grandpapa had left and my father was nowhere to be seen, my mom decided to go ahead and decorate that Sunday. The tradition stuck, even after I had long understood what had happened. We’ve kept it, moving it to Saturdays the four years I was in University as I had to head back that Sunday for classes the next day. This year will be different as not only am I an adult with different living situation than College but I’m also not even going to be in the Country that Sunday so I’ll decorate that next weekend. I go all out for every holiday but it’s insane for Christmas. It’s kind of like Santa’s workshop blew up in my home, minus Santa. I’ll admit that. But it’s fun. My baking also goes insane as of December 1st. While I bake creepy things for October, Pumpkin dishes for November but December has cookies, brownies, fudge and cakes for Christmas. I make Fudge every year no matter what, usually Christmas Eve as we have a feast of appetizers while we watch It’s a Wonderful Life and open one gift each and fudge is always the dessert.

What traditions do ya’ll do for the holidays? I’m always looking for new traditions.

This week’s writing: Even though it is October and Halloween time and I’m usually headed down the dark path, I tried to keep today’s writing light and non-creepy in light of what happened last night in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, me and light and happy don’t always work out well.

Her cellphone dinged again. She took a look and sighed. He still hadn’t gotten the hint. She didn’t want anything to do with him after he cheated on her with her best friend. She had also dropped her best friend like a brick. Both of them had yet to get the hint. She had even moved towns and changed colleges to get away from them. She had also changed her cell number but her mom, not understanding why she had stopped being friends with Nina, had given her the new number as soon as she had asked. But she would be taking care of that today.



Deanna had sold her car once she’d moved and had yet to buy a new one yet with the money from that car. As such, her new roommate and friend, Rose, was giving her a ride to the AT&T store to change her phone number, this time, she wouldn’t be giving it to her mom as she couldn’t understand.

They climbed into Rose’s car and Rose couldn’t help but ask, “You alright?”

“As alright as I can be.”

“You don’t have to tell me, I know we just met a few days ago, but these are some drastic life changes, aren’t they? What happened?”

“I trusted the wrong people. My boyfriend of two years had been cheating on me, for a year, with my best friend of four years, since high school really. Cindy and I had even gone to college together and I met Adam freshman year. My mom doesn’t understand why I can’t just forgive him as he was perfect for me and it was just a mistake on his and her parts. She doesn’t understand why I couldn’t stand to be at that university anymore, why I couldn’t stand to face them. All of my friends there were mutual friends of me and Adam or me and Cindy. So even once I changed my number to get away from them, my mom gave to Cindy the first time she asked for it. So this time, I’m not giving it to her. We’ll keep in touch through email. I have to look out for me.”

Rose paused before admitting, “I kind of have a theory about that kind of thing. Hearts are like bread dough. The more they’re played with, the harder they become. Yours has been played with so much with the three you trusted the most, it’s hard as a rock.”

Deanna couldn’t argue, that felt like the perfect way to explain the way she felt right now.

“Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me that much.”

“Could I bother you for one more favor.”


“After we get my new phone, can we go somewhere to get me a new car? I sold my last one as not only did I have too many memories in it but they knew the license and make of it.”

“Sure, I know just the place.” © Paula Crofoot

This week’s music as I’m posting this: Halloween by Monsterfest: AMC presents Listen to the Movies. (I actually have two playlists for the holidays-one for Spooky music and one purely for Christmas)

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