Never Forget 9/11!

Hiya! Welcome back to PEP! For all of my fellow Americans-

Remember-9-11 temp blog

We will Remember 9/11! 9-11-01, hard to believe it’s been 16 years. I was fortunate enough to not personally lose anyone but I still remember those the country lost both in the actual attacks and rescues made afterwards.

Last week’s baking turned out well. I ended up baking old fashioned spicy ginger cookies, posted on my Instagram, and mocha brownies-those I didn’t post. Both turned out really well. I’m not sure what I’ll bake this week but I’ll be sure to update next week.

This week’s question: The words I’d like to live by are…?

My answer: I actually have a few different sayings I try to live by. 1. Don’t fear the storms, dance in the rain. 2. Go big or go home. 3. March to the beat of your own drum. 4. Live to live, not to survive. Basically, I try to live as I desire, do it to the best of my ability, to not be afraid to try new things and live, not just survive day to day. Now, I’m human so I’ll admit that I’m not perfect, I don’t always live by my mottos though each day, I’m getting better about it. I know that as I got older, I started retreating a bit as adulthood hit but I’m working on being better about that.

This week’s writing:

Colt struggled to stay awake during Algebra 1. This was such a boring class. His best friend, Eric, sat in front of him, equally bored out of his mind, while the two nerds beside the two of them cheerfully took notes. They’d sat next to each other until their teach decided they were distracting each other too much and switched Eric with one of the math geeks in front of them.

Just before Colt resorted to throwing paper balls at Eric, the window next to him providing no entertainment due to the cloudy day, the lights went out.

Colt winced as the girl next to him shrieked in shock before the lights jolted back on. Colt frowned, the lights had only been out for like, maybe 5 seconds. What the hell? He glanced at the window to see if the weather was maybe the reason and blinked when he saw a sticky-note he knew for a fact was not there before. It had one word, RUN!

He glanced around, seeing nothing to run from, and kicked Eric’s chair. Eric turned, raising a black eyebrow and Colt tilted his head to the window. He saw the moment Eric read the note cross his face as both eyebrows raised. He shrugged in answer to Eric’s unspoken question. Just then, explosions lit up the back of the building and Colt jolted out of his seat, grabbing Eric’s arm and pulling them both out of the classroom before anyone had a chance to react.

“Shit, fire, man!”

Colt saw the back halls lit up on fire but didn’t otherwise react to Eric’s words, still pulling him along to the stairs in the front of the school building.

“Let’s go!”

They were thankful to the bizarre warning, even if the two didn’t know who it came from. Thanks to the warning, they were able to react faster and avoid the ensuing stampede and getting stuck in the building and burned alive.

As they stood outside of the building, watching it burn, they both tried to figure out what the hell was happening.

“I know what’s going on.”

They both turned at the soft whisper but there was no one there. © Paula Crofoot

This week’s music: as I’m posting this: Love by Sugarland: Love On The Inside

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