What are you used to?

Hiya! Welcome back to PEP! I would’ve been on earlier except, as I’m sure ya’ll know, there was the Solar Eclipse in the United States so I was a bit occupied with that. I’m not anywhere that I could see the total eclipse but I watched it live on TV and I did see a partial where I live. Beyond that, I don’t have all that much to write about today. Last week’s baking experiment wound up being Snickerdoodles. They’re not International to me but it was the first time baking them, plus they’re foreign to someone. They turned out pretty well though I’ll be eating them for a while as the recipe made 5 dozen. Pics are on my Instagram and Twitter, linked below. I don’t think I’ll have anything this week as I ran out of eggs and haven’t been to the store.

This week’s question: What are you looking forward to the most?

My answer: currently short-term wise, I’m looking forward to the first of the year the most. I’ll be moving cities, not fully arranged yet, and, in a way, starting over. I think it’ll be really good and is what I need. I’m stuck in a rut right now that if I don’t do something could down-spiral in a heartbeat. I think moving cities and starting over will jumpstart in a few different ways.

This week’s writing:

“It’s sad what you can get used to, isn’t it?”

Rochelle jumped a foot, peering around, finally finding the source of the cryptic remark on the bench to her right.

“What are you talking about?”

She wasn’t entirely sure what prompted her to speak to the strange person. She couldn’t see their face through the blue hoodie, couldn’t even tell if it was a girl or guy she was speaking to.

“Just what I said. It’s sad what you can get used to, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, dude, just leave me alone.”

The hooded face turned to face her, though Rochelle still couldn’t make out any specific features.

“You’re here meeting someone, the only reason a young woman like yourself would be in a park this late. You’ve been here for a while, the other person obviously isn’t going to show, yet you’re not upset. You’re used to being disappointed. It’s almost a way of life for you now, isn’t it?”

“Who said I’m here to meet someone. Not everyone visiting a park has to see people.”

“True. But what other reason would you have to be in a park this late unless you were either meeting someone or perhaps you met with someone elsewhere before and it didn’t turn out well.”

“Not that it’s any of your business but neither option actually.”

The hooded face turned away once more, sitting there in silence now.

Rochelle couldn’t understand why she didn’t just walk away. There was nothing holding her here. But something about this person intrigued her and a fault of hers, though she wouldn’t admit it, was that she was stubborn until her curiosity was sated.

Finally, after a while of silence, Rochelle was getting ready to call it quits and move on when the hooded person stood first.

They turned to Rochelle and held out a hand, “Come. I’ll show you what you’re looking for.”

Eyes narrowed, heart open, curiosity overriding common sense, Rochelle took their hand.

3 years later… © Paula Crofoot

This week’s music as I’m posting this: Ladies Love Country Boys by Trace Adkins- Triple Play: Trace Adkins-EP (I did mention my taste in music was wide and varied, didn’t I?)

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