The Beginning

Welcome to PEP: Paula’s Eclectic Paradise. This will be my landing pad for various little things. You’ll find stuff from pieces of my writing, more than likely unedited-raw-drafts, pictures and information about my pieces I sell from my shop, Imaginative HandiCrafts, pictures I find interesting, posts on topics I find interesting, little blurbs from my personal life such as hobbies, music I enjoy or the latest book I’ve read. There are two rules of this Haven. One is an Author’s note: Everything here is covered under copyright law. That means if you take something of mine, I can pursue my legal rights as everything here is my copyrightable literary works. Another rule of this Haven is NO bullying, for any reason, or politics. When I say no politics, I mean I will not be posting anything about anything to do with politicians, their families or anything more than perhaps a big law change that will affect hundreds of people. I am in the United States of America so you can imagine why I’m distancing this piece of paradise from that topic. I realize I cannot stop others from posting about politics in comments but I will not reply nor will I allow a political battle begin here. I will also not tolerate bullying on here, in any of my own posts or in any comments to any of my posts. There is enough bullying in both real life and cyber without adding anymore here. I am happy to take any topic suggestions to dedicate a post to, provided I actually know something about it or am interested enough to do some research. Don’t feel afraid to offer an idea, no matter how bizarre, this place is called eclectic for a reason.

Here’s a question for ya’ll, my reader,: If I see answers by my next post, I’ll give my own answer, please don’t be afraid, I want to hear from ya’ll: What fictional place would you most like to go?

            Here is one of my latest pieces, completely unedited:

It was an unlikely couple that ran away together. Many hadn’t even realized the young woman and young man knew each other, much less were romantically involved. However, what they also didn’t know was that they weren’t a couple. They were each other’s escape from a life of hell for him and a life of tediousness for her. They’d met a few years before, freshman year of high school but kept their friendship a secret as she was a cheerleader and he was a punk outcast. They saw so much more within each other though and were fast friends after that one detention. It was widely known that cheerleaders couldn’t be friends with punk outcasts and vice versa. They both knew the effect it would have on the school if it had been found they were friends, and not a good effect. Finally, they’d reached the end of their rope and they’d earned their diplomas. The only thing they were waiting for was graduation and they’d both agreed walking the stage was unnecessary. As such, he packed up his backpack and duffel bag, containing everything he owned, ducked out on his aunt and uncle and met her at the park. She was carrying a touch more with a small suitcase on wheels in addition to a backpack and duffel bag. But she also had the wheels, for the moment. They knew they wouldn’t get far in her convertible as they would be looking for it. But their plan was to sell the car at the next big city, take the train out of state and buy another car then, preferably a jeep that would be able to go off road and from there; they didn’t really have a plan. But she’d taken all the money out of her trust fund that she could access over the last three years in preparation for this day and they knew they’d be set for a little while. Long enough to get themselves together and on their feet anyway. It was the last anyone heard of Alyssa Brown and Cody Longsome for 10 years.© Paula Crofoot

An image I found on the web that caught my attention: Comment if you see it?


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