Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out IV

Hey, Y’all!

Now we’re heading into the fourth and final part of Let Us Out.


Alex raised an eyebrow, clearly Daniel knew more of what was going on here than he did.

Daniel scowled, furious, staring at the man in a suit.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be dead!”

“I’m afraid the declaration of my death was largely exaggerated.”

“Then where have you been the last 5 years.”

“There is a reason I was declared dead. I had to go into hiding until it was safe. It’s not quite safe but I found it necessary to pull you in out of danger.”

“I was in no danger. And definitely not enough to be worth kidnapping me for. After all, you’ve proven I’m not worth anything to you.”

The suited man moved closer to the two young men, Daniel moving so that he was partially behind Alex, using him as a shield; refusing to be close to the man.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Daniel. You are the most important of all. Without you, there is nothing.”

“Bullshit. I’m just a normal guy; there’s nothing important about me. Alex here is more important than I am and I don’t even know who he is and why he’s here.”

“He’s here to protect you. It’s a way for him to turn his life around.”

Alex spoke finally, “I wasn’t aware my life needed to turn around.”

“Surely you realize that assassins don’t have a long life-term. You needed a new focus soon enough.”

“And he’s it, why?”

“Because he holds the cure.”

“The cure? Cure for what?”

Alex didn’t know what he’d gotten himself dragged into but since the suited man seemed inclined to talk to him and Daniel was still glowering behind him, he took advantage of it to better prepare himself.

“Daniel here is not my only son. But he is the only child that holds the cure within his bloodstream.”

“You still haven’t elaborated on the cure to just what.”

“The disease doesn’t exist just yet. Or rather, we haven’t released it yet. We were planning to do so years ago but realized that we needed a cure for those we didn’t want to die, or rather our bosses didn’t want to die. The first child that had the cure was killed by our bosses’ rivals before he reached the age 10. It took several more children among the three scientists, myself included, in order to regenerate the cure. Daniel here is the only one that currently holds it.”

Daniel hadn’t moved, his face hadn’t shifted and Alex took the open opportunity.

“The only one, is he?”

Alex pulled his knife out of his lower leg holster and held it up to Daniel’s neck. He could feel the sudden shock in Daniel’s body before he clearly resigned himself and let his body go lax. Unlike many, he didn’t let his guard down just because Daniel was suddenly relaxed.

“What are you doing! You’re supposed to guard him!”

“I have no attachment, nor have I entered any contract paying me to protect him. So if you want to keep him alive, I highly suggest showing us the way out.”

“Where did you keep that knife! We checked you for weapons when you entered.”

“I’m an assassin, am I not? We always have ways of keeping weapons on us undetected.”

The man, which Alex still didn’t have a name for beyond apparently being Daniel’s biological father, scowled, looking eerily like DAniel, but clearly saw he didn’t have a choice if he wanted to keep his cure alive.

Soon enough, they were at the front door of the place, Alex analyzing the car in the driveway, deciding how quick he could hotwire it when things went to hell as it was about to.

“Here’s your exit, now hand over Daniel.”

“I’m not stupid, no doubt I know too much and you’ll be sending some of my own kind after me.”

The man didn’t respond and Alex knew he’d called it.

“Aside from that, I have too much honor to allow this to continue.”

“Allow what to continue?”

Daniel was also very confused.

Alex switched his knife to another hand, still held to Daniel’s throat for the time being, and pulled a gun out of a hidden back holster, shooting the suited man point blank.


Daniel didn’t get to finish as the knife slipped from his throat and Alex shoved him out the door.

“Car, Now!”

Deciding that Alex was his better option, Daniel clambered into the car as Alex hot-wired it.

The car peeled out of the drive-way, leaving the broken-down house and slowly bleeding corpse behind, both boys not knowing where they were headed or what was about to happen.

Well, that took me places I wasn’t expecting. I think I may turn this into something larger later. I’m feeling pretty inspired by Daniel and Alex’s story right now.

See Y’all Later!

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Brother; Reason; Heart;

Hey, Y’all!

Brothers to the last fight; Brothers to the last enemy; Brothers to the last hour; Brothers to the last bullet; Brothers to the last breath; Brothers to the last hope.
After it happened, everyone tried to comfort me, and told me it would all be okay. That everything would turn out alright in the end. I sure hoped it wouldn’t. Because little did they know, I was the one who had caused the problem and I had done it for a reason.
The moment an assassin has a Heart… is the moment he Dies.


See Y’all Later!

Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out III

Hey, Y’all!

Here is part 3 of Let Us Out!

Alex dropped the second body and turned, quickly and silently moving down the hall. When these two goons never reported back, more would be coming and it would be eventually discovered that he and the idiot were out of their cell.

Daniel scrambled to catch up with Alex as he started to leave him behind.

“Why are you leaving me behind?”

“I’m not leaving you behind. I’m getting out of here and if you don’t keep up, that’s your problem. But I recommend keeping up.”

Daniel knew he was in trouble simply being able to keep up with Alex while walking. Alex was at least half a foot taller than his 5’9″, all in his legs. If there was any obstacles, he was screwed.

They managed to make it down several hallways, all of which looked the same to Daniel before they heard more footsteps.

“Now what?!”

Alex hissed, “Shhh!”

He spotted a vent up above their heads that he knew he would be able to access but he would have to boost Daniel into it. He jumped up and clung up to the wall, yanking the vent cover out of hte wall, glad to find it nearly falling out on its own. Clearly, like everything else in this building, the upkeep of hte vents weren’t any higher than the cells. It concerned him about climbing into it but the footsteps were drawing closer. They didn’t have any other option nor any time to figure it out.

Alex landed back on the ground and gestured for Daniel to step up on his hands.

“Are you nuts?!”

“Do you see any other options? Move!”

Against his better option, Daniel put his foot, and his trust for his life, in Alex’s hands and got boosted up and essentially tossed in the vent. Alex quickly followed, shoving Daniel further down.

“Move! There’s no time to waste!”

Despite having absolutely no idea where he was going, Daniel started crawling. Alex knew they needed to move, unless whoever was coming down the hall was blind, they were bound to see the vent cover on the ground. With any luck, they’ll just assume it fell on its own with the condition this building was in. But he didn’t count on luck being in their favor.

Eventually, they came to another vent opening, Daniel pushing against it and just managing to pop it open. He hadn’t expected it to go, but Alex had hoped it would be in the same shoddy condition the first one was. They climbed down out of hte vent, Alex constantly scanning the hall, knowing there was no way to be prepared coming out blind.

It appeared to be clear… until, “Hello, Gentlemen.”

They both whirled around, Alex seeing an unfamiliar man at the end of the hall and no clearer as to why he was here.

Daniel was a different matter.

Who does Daniel see, just how does he know them??

See Y’all Later!

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Save; Why; Broken;

Hey, Y’all!

“If that’s what it takes to save the world, better to let the world die.”
“Why’d you do it? Can you at least tell me that? Why you killed him?” “Because I could.”
She stormed up to the counter, dragging his unconscious form behind her. “This one’s broken! I demand compensation!” The cashier rolled her eyes but handed the surly customer her money back.


See Y’all Later!

Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out II

Hey, Y’all!

Here’s the next installment of Let Us Out. With the system I’m using to create my posts for the time being, I think I’m going to be more able to continue short stories, so long as I’m inspired to write another part.

So, without further ado, here’s part II.

Daniel peered down the hall but didn’t see anyone. He started to strode down the hall, worries lessening when Alex yanked him back by the back of his t-shirt.

“What the hell, man! Wha-”

His complaint was cut off as Alex slapped his left hand over his mouth, hissing, “Are you an idiot! You don’t just go walking down the hall after breaking out of a cell. You will get caught and thrown back in.”

Daniel wrestled his face away from Alex’s grip, “I don’t see anyone. It’s fine.”

Just then, before Alex could respond, footsteps sounded around the corner. Alex yanked Daniel into the shadows to their right, plastering them against the wall, holding his breath that they wouldn’t be spotted.

Two men came striding around the corner, one speaking, “Do we really expect them to have done anything?”

“I don’t know, but there was a crash and Boss wants us to make sure they’re still in their cell.”

Alex frowned, knowing he was the only one that could do anything about them; no doubt Daniel was useless in defending himself.

He studied the two men and as they walked by, he reached out, snagging the left one’s gun out of their holster, whipping him across back of the head, knocking him unconscious. The other one scrambled for his walkie to send out an alert that they were out of the cell but Alex grabbed him around the neck, choking him until he lost consciousness.

Daniel watched it all happen in a 20 second span, realizing that unlike himself, Alex could actually back up his body language. He decided then and there that clearly Alex knew what he was doing and that this was more dangerous than he’d thought and if he wanted to get out of here alive, he would need to stick with Alex.

Will they get out next week? We’ll have to wait and see.

See Y’all Later!

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Sky; Excuse; Don’t

Hey, Ya’ll!

I once thought her eyes changed to match the sky; it was only now that I realized the sky changed to match her eyes
“Excuse me?” “Actually, I’d rather not.”
She wanted to say, ‘Don’t leave me.’ but she couldn’t do it, not again. She was so tired of begging people to love her.


I’ll see y’all later!

Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out!

Hey, Ya’ll!

Welcome to the first Monday Short Tale of 2021. I plan on making at least two weekly posts every week. I’ll be trying something new that I think will help me succeed at that. There may be additional post(s) each week as I come up with something I want to say or if something happens I want to talk about here. But for now, there will be at least two posts.

Without further ado:

“This is bad. This is bad, bad, bad!”

“You said that already.”

“It seemed worth repeating.”

Daniel withered under the force of the other’s glare before he spoke once more, irritation more than clear in his bass tone, “Whining about how dire our situation is, is in fact not doing anything about getting us out of here. So, perhaps, instead of whining, you could put yourself to use by looking for something we can use to either break that door down or pick the lock.”

With that, Alex turned his back on Daniel and proceeded to do just as he’d ordered.

Daniel, in the ultimate show of maturity, stuck his tongue out at Alex’s back before quickly turning to at least appear he was working in case Alex turned around. He could see nothing immediately that would actually help them out and thought it was a waste of time.

Eventually, for lack of another solution, Daniel did in fact start searching for something to break their way out of this cell.

“Ugh, this is pointless.”

Alex briefly glanced at Daniel’s form where he’d collapsed next to the door, pout fully formed on his face.

He returned his attention to the brick he’d found loose in the wall, “Quit pouting.”

“I’m not pouting.”

Daniel resolutely refused to admit he was, in fact, pouting, lower lip stuck out, brows furrowed. He was far too old to be pouting after all.

“What are you doing anyway? Trying to dig out through the wall? That’s not gonna work, that wall’s way too thick.”


Daniel’s interest was fully peaked and he pulled himself back up to his feet. But before he could make his way to where Alex was clearly doing something to the wall at the back of the cell, Alex turned, brick in hand.

Alex made his way to the door and one smash later, the door handle was broken off, brick shattered into pieces and the large door was swinging open.

“Ladies first.”

Daniel flipped Alex off but didn’t reject the opportunity to get out of the cell first, especially wanting to get out in case anyone came to investigate the crashing noise.

With that, we will see where this goes next week, perhaps… Let me know in the comments what trouble you think they’ve gotten themselves into, how these two bickering boys have come to meet and what you might see coming next with what you’ve read so far… I’ll always read and respond.

See y’all later!

!!Happy New Years!!

Let’s make 2021 the best we can

Hey, Ya’ll!

Happy New Year! 2021 will still be difficult as much of the world still struggling with Covid-19 and the after-effects but we can still make it a good year. We can still improve ourselves and prepare for when Covid-19 is eventually a thing of the past and things return as much to the way they were as they ever will. Let’s face it, our world will never be the same as it was before 2020. In some ways, that’s a good thing as-in many ways- we are all much better connected than we were prior, we’ve relearned the meaning of slowing down and smelling the roses. We’ve also shaken up the ways some things were that needed to have been shaken up long ago. In other ways, the way things have changed isn’t for the better but there’s nothing to be done but move forward and adjust to make it for the best.

So, let’s make 2021 the best that we can, however that may mean to you. Doing the most with 2021 means different things to everyone and in no way, are your goals and hopes wrong. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Do 2021 your way and that will be the best way.

Thankmas 2020

Hey, Ya’ll!

So I’ll be participating in Thankmas this year. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a fundraiser typically put on by JackSepticEye to raise money for a chosen charity. This year, he’s opened it up to anyone with a social platform who wants to do a campaign on Tiltify and is teaming up with Red Nose Day to raise money to provide hope and support for children and families in urgent needs due to Covid-19. Here is the link so you can read more about it yourself.

Now, as for what I’ll be doing for it. As you may know, I do a lot of writing here. So, that’s what I’ll be doing for this. I’ve set up a campaign for donations, with some polls set up. Through out the week of the campaign, any donation amount will earn you the ability to have a say in what goes on in the story.

Here’s the prompt that I’ll be writing on: You receive an invitation from a person who’s passed away. The map that’s included leads you to a tomb in a misty swamp. For any donation amount, you can send me a message with something you think should happen in the story. Keep in mind, please, this will be a short story. You’ll also be able vote in a poll regarding if who the main characters should be, how the person’s who’s passed away is connected to the main characters and should we get halfway to our goal, I’ll activate another poll where you get to decide what happens to the two main characters.

I’ll be writing the story and posting it here as donations come in until the 20th.

If you want to participate, then please go here:

I look forward to hearing from ya’ll and I look forward to writing this story!

See ya’ll Later! Bye!

Welcome to Shadows&SUnshine

Hey, Ya’ll!

So, It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Yeah, I took the month of July off which was great but when it was time to return, I still didn’t feel ready. My headspace hasn’t been right for a while. I didn’t struggle with having to stay home like a lot of people talked about on social media, but I’m very much an ambivert. I enjoy socializing with others, but I need an equal amount of time to recharge my batteries at home. My issue, I think, was I run my own business and for 3 1/2 months, my business was effectively closed due to Covid-19 as my pet-care business depends upon travel which was banned. Not only leaving me at loose ends, which I’d been working on getting better about anyway as I’ve struggled with not feeling productive if I’m not doing something all the time; but also worrying about my livelihood, about finances, my business surviving it all.

Then, when it did come back, slowly, in June, it was still very slow and I was struggling still with the same finances issues and feeling unproductive. I found things to fill my time but none of my goals for 2020 were able to be fulfilled as I no longer had the money for it or the enthusiasm as 2020 just went to hell in a handbasket several times.


I’m back now, I’m doing better, did a lot of soul-searching and self-care; and I have new plans for Shadows & Sunshine. Yes, the blog has another name but I feel really good about this one. I’ve also upgraded the blog so it’s a true website with its own actual domain: I have plans which will be slowly implemented of making this a community where everyone will feel welcome. I had some of these plans back in early this year which got side-lined and I’ve come up with new ones in the three months off. So look forward to those.

Shadows & Sunshine is still a Lifestyle blog; but it will be far more personal in regards to me than it was before. It’ll truly be a lifestyle blog in regards to my life. I’ll still be posting my writing pieces, as my writing is me; but there will be more photos and animal stories from my adventures in my business, there will be posts on hobbies and such that I’m taking/I’ve taken up, updates on how I’m getting in better health and shape and just general bits from my life.

My business, Paula’s Pet Paradise, is also doing better than it was, slowly recovering the steam it’d had back in early March, and my enthusiasm for everything is back, I’ve even recovered my enthusiasm for writing and I’ve got a lot of ideas rolling around in my head for new novels and actually want to edit previously written ones.

I’ll also explain the new name and tagline in a later post. There is a reason for both, I promise.

So, I’m going to leave this here. I just wanted to drop in and let ya’ll know how everything’s going, that I’m back and will be posting regularly again-not going to say how regularly just yet.

Today starts a new journey for us at Shadows & Sunshine. I thought it would be fitting that it would start on November 8 since that’s when my life began at 11:41 pm. (And no, I’m not going to say how many years ago on November 8 I was born-you’re not getting that out of me yet)

See ya’ll Later! Bye!

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